Hints and answers game Brain Test Online – Trivia quiz

Brain Test brain damage puzzle game Although it has appeared for a while, it has left a very deep impression on players based on the attractive gameplay with a style similar to the game Brain Out.

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For those who are new to playing the challenges, Brain Test puzzles will bring a feeling of inhibition, difficult to answer. Here are some suggestions of EmergenceInGame to help you less brain damage when faced with Brain Test Online:

  • Question 01: What kind of fruit grows on the tree? Too simple, of course Peach.
  • Question 02: Count carefully how many ducks there are, multiply the number of feet.
  • Question 03: In this time period, of course, pork has the highest price.
  • Question 04: Looking at 2 pieces of melon, how can I know which one is sweeter? The most accurate way is to ask the farmer.
  • Question 05: What does the fan image look like? Just drag the semicircle to the upper corner.
  • Question 06: What is the formula for calculating the area of ​​a trapezoid? Average of 2 bottom edges multiplied by the height between the 2 bottoms. Basic knowledge only! (24)
  • Question 07: How was the biggest puppet created? Let’s lump them together.
  • Question 08: How to count the exact parking spaces? Try to check if there are any cars that can be moved. (9 seats)
  • Question 09: Your answer is the driving force for EmergenceInGame to continue growing.
  • Question 10: For the girl to go to bed, she must “turn off the sun”. Please pull the sun away.
  • Question 11: According to the clause 1 = 5, then 5 = 1.
  • Question 12: Among the figures, there is a rabbit that is not geometrical, the rest have sides that are easy to count.
  • Question 13: Make it rain out of clouds and look carefully.
  • Question 14: Find out the phone by selecting and shaking the child, the phone will fall out.
  • Question 15: The highest note is the highest note.
  • Question 16: Pull the moon away and count the stars, that’s simple.
  • Question 17: Bringing the boat to shore, that’s all.
  • Question 18: Drag the match to make the calculation 3 + 6 = 9.
  • Question 19: Pull the clock and the F-shaped iron bar to create a key.
  • Question 20: Pull out the cloud so that the sun shines on the sun to thaw the ice, the car will move to the signpost.
  • Ques 21: The logic is very simple: open the food can> feed the dog> the dog goes to the toilet and you will find the ring.
  • Question 22: What should I do if I want to eat mushrooms? Pull the mushroom towards Mario.
  • Question 23: Click to open the logo.
  • Question 24: Put the coins in the piggy bank, click to smash. Then count the number of coins (15 coins).
  • Question 25: Take the horse’s horn attached to the circle part.
  • Question 26: How many steps are you taking to open the refrigerator, let the elephant in, and close the refrigerator?
  • Question 27: Look closely at the hair on the comb too (there are 7 strands).
  • Question 28: 15 and then what number? Of course it’s 16.
  • Question 29: What does “error” mean in English? is Bug, it also means bug.
  • Question 30: EmergenceInGame is continuing to update the game.
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