“Heartbroken” before the love story that surpassed the server of the couple Tru Tien 3D

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Love stories inspired by the virtual world are no longer rare, especially in the current boom of online games. But being able to turn “virtual” into “real”, holding hands from the game into real life, not every couple can do it. Therefore, the love between couples who overcome challenges in the virtual world to be together in the real world is always worthy of admiration and respect.

Recently, a story was shared by its owner (nickname Phuong Dung) on ​​the community group Tru Tien 3D made many FA hearts “explode” with jealousy when it was thanks to the charming game that she found the true love of her life.


Emergenceingame.Com had a short chat with our lucky girl to be able to hear more interesting shares in this special love story of them.

Interviewer: Hello, can you first introduce yourself and “that person” to Emergenceingame.Com readers as well as the Tru Tien 3D community?

Hello everyone, my name is Trinh Thi Phuong Dung (SN 1997), currently a 3rd year student majoring in Economic Law, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. And my friend is Nguyen Quoc Huy, just graduated in Business Administration from the Law University of Ho Chi Minh City


Interviewer: Have you been playing Tru Tien 3D for a long time? What is particularly impressive about this game that attracted you?

I’ve been playing Tru Tien 3D for more than half a year now, the most impressive thing is probably the beautiful graphics, I’m a girl, so I just love it when I see it beautiful first.


Reporter: Knowing that you and your lover know each other thanks to the game, can you tell a little bit about how the two of you met each other?

In fact, at first, I played on server 12 Van Kiem, and my lover played on server 11 Lam Kinh Vu, 2 people were not on the same server. During that time, I only played to increase my fighting power and see it as entertainment, but I didn’t think that I would find a lover in the game. When the game has a school of life, the servers can meet, me and him can also meet there. Because I play the server’s top acc, so the force is relatively high, he thinks that the high force is the male playing the female character, so he keeps fighting with me. Then gradually, after that, they also talked and made friends on Facebook, then they were surprised that they both lived in the same district of Tan Phu, 5 minutes apart by car. Now that I think about it, I still think the two were really destined for each other.


Interviewer: What is it about “that person” that attracts you the most? Are your feelings about them in the game and when you meet them outside?

He is also at the top of the game, he and I also try our best to fight together in the game, but outside he is more visible and cuter than I imagined. Recently, the server was merged, so the two decided to have a wedding in the game.


Interviewer: Before that, did you ever believe in love coming from the virtual world and you were one of them?

As mentioned above, I never intended to find a lover in the game or thought I would have a lover thanks to the game because the virtual world can’t have real love. And now, when I experience it myself, I have completely changed my mind. I was also introduced to my family by my lover and planned to go back to the same house after I graduated. Sometimes when I think about it, I still don’t believe that my love has come from the game to the real world, but maybe that’s also fate, everyone.


Reporter: Yes, thank you very much for your sharing here. On behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as the Tru Tien 3D community in general, I would like to wish your love forever happy, lasting and soon to be together in the same house in the near future!

Learn more about Tru Tien 3D at:
Home page: https://trutien.gamota.com/
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/trutien.gamota/
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/trutien3dmobile

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