Heartbreaking secrets behind the 10 coldest women in Manga

10. Boa Hancock (One Piece)

Pirate Queen Boa Hancock – the only female member of the Shichibukai – Shichibukai, and the Snake Queen in Amazon Lily, rules the Kuja tribe (Nine Snakes) with her three sisters Gorgon, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold. She was compared by the Risky brothers with her legendary beauty to that of mermaids. She is widely recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world. Although she is a Shichibukai, her love for Monkey D.Luffy has caused Boa Hancock to turn against the World Government many times.


Underneath the cold exterior is often a weak inner, Boa Hancock is no exception. 22 years ago, when the era of Pirates began to unfold, when Hancock was 12 years old, she and her two sisters were members of the Kuja Pirates. On the first time they went to sea with the ice, they were kidnapped by slave traders and sold to the Tenryuubito nobility. During her time as a slave, Hancock was fed the Mero Mero no Mi Devil Fruit with the purpose of entertaining them. The three were subjected to unimaginable horrors, until the hero of the Fish-Man Tribe Fisher Tiger appeared and rescued them.


It was not until she met Luffy that she gradually lived up to her true self, revealing a weak face, not as cold as before. Also thanks to the attraction from Luffy’s respectful and respectful personality, for the first time in her life, this “beautiful ice mountain” fell in love.

9. Kikyo (Inuyasha)

Kikyo is a talented sorceress, one of only three people who can purify the Jewel of Four Souls. She once had a beautiful love affair with Inuyasha. The two are separated by Naraku, a fusion of youkai, and Onigumo, who desires Kikyo and the jewel. He took out his hand to harm, causing the two to misunderstand each other. In the end, Inuyasha was sealed into the tree by Kikyou, and Kikyo, too exhausted after the battle, died and was cremated with the Jewel of Four Souls.


Since childhood, she has lived a boring life of a female mage, always having to kill youkai to protect the village, so Kikyo’s face always maintains a steady but also melancholy expression. . She is honest but sad and lonely, giving everyone a feeling like the character “Tieu Long Nu”, gentle, estranged, cold. Kikyo’s bitter fate is not over when it comes to life once again. After being revived, Kikyo’s life seems to be even more painful. She is still conscious but cannot have a body and soul like a human.


Although her second resurrection she still died at Naraku’s hand, but her soul was at peace because she disguised as misunderstood with Inuyasha and achieved her wish: to become a normal girl. She is a good girl, a talented, beautiful, but beautiful female magician.

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8. Konan (Naruto)

Konan is one of the founders of the Akatsuki organization, she is also known by the nickname “angel” or “messenger of god”. Konan is a close friend and the only person in the Akatsuki organization who calls Pain by his real name (Nagato). Normally, Konan always maintains a cold expression on her face, only when she is next to her best friend can she show her inherent warmth.


As a child, Konan was unfortunately born during the second great ninja war, the Rain village became the battlefield for other villages. Konan’s parents were killed and she herself had to travel for a living. She lives with her two best friends, Yahiko and Nagato (in addition to a small dog). The three children survive by stealing food from vendors. On one occasion they met the Konoha Sannins, giving them food. Due to being an orphan at a young age, and with two close friends who rely on each other to survive, Konan considers his two friends more important than anything in the world.


7. Kyoyama Anna ((Magic King)

The one who was betrothed to Yoh since childhood and also the afterlife of Hao’s mother. As a child, Anna gained the power to read people’s minds, and because she had to read many evil thoughts, Anna felt hatred for people. She accidentally created a youkai called “Oni” and this monster calls her “mother”, anyone who comes near her is attacked by this monster. Afraid of hurting others and herself, Anna always locks herself in her room and acts cold and gruff to keep people away.


Later, when she meets Yoh and is encouraged by Yoh, Anna comes out of her own darkness and always tries to make Yoh stronger to achieve her wish. But since the youkai disappeared, Anna’s mind-reading power was also lost, she was bolder to go out but still appeared aloof from everyone and only allowed Yoh to call her by her real name. Anna is also very kind even though she always keeps a very cold face towards everyone. Anna used to have such a low self-esteem that she often said things like: “As long as I show up, nothing good will happen for sure“good”I hate this world more than anyone, I hate myself to the core“…


6. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

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Erza Scarlet is an S-rank mage of the Fairy Tail guild, she is the strongest female mage of the guild if not counting Mirajane’s power back. Erza is also known as the Fairy Queen Titania. She was the Seventh President of Fairy Tail in Makarov’s absence. Normally, she always keeps a cool appearance, when something happens, she becomes even more serious.


As a child, when Erza was in the village of Rosemary, all the adults in the village were killed by an army of cults who worshiped Zeref, who forced the children to build the Tower of Heaven for the purpose of resurrecting Zeref, while fleeing. she saved Kagura but she was captured. During one of the beatings, she was blind in one eye in her left eye. But that was also the motivation that helped her and everyone else rebel. Later, Erza wandered around and joined the Fairy Tail guild, even getting a prosthetic eye. While living in Fairy Tail, her heartbreak has gradually healed. She began to make many friends and began her career as a magician.


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