Guide to setting the best Free Fire game sensitivity in 2023

Free Fire is a very familiar name for gamers who love shooting and adventure games. To ensure the best combat ability, gamers cannot ignore adjusting the game‘s sensitivity. So what are the best Free Fire sensitivity parameters of 2023?

Free Fire always wants to bring a great gaming experience to gamers, so it has provided many options and customizations in the game. In particular, Sensitivity plays an important role in helping players improve aiming ability as well as shooting accuracy. In this article, Taimienphi will guide gamers to install the best Free Fire game sensitivity in 2023.

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How to set sensitivity in Free Fire latest, most standard

1. Guide to setting the best Free Fire game sensitivity in 2023

To adjust the parameters, you need to access the Settings section, then select Sensitivity.

Here you will see the items listed in the list. Adjust items with the following recommended parameters:

– Look around: From 90 to 100.
– Red Dot viewfinder: 60-75.
– 2X viewfinder: 99.
– 4X viewfinder: 95.
– Sight gun sights: 20-30.
– Look: 50-75.

Besides, if you want to shoot the best headshot in Free Fire, you can refer to how to adjust the center of Free Fire to shoot headshot here and follow along.

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After editing the parameters, try playing a few matches to check the sensitivity is appropriate and adjust the parameters up by 5 units or down by 5 units if necessary. In addition, you can also share sensitivity parameters with friends to improve the gaming experience.

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2. How to adjust the Free Fire sensitivity parameter on the phone

To adjust the Free Fire sensitivity on your phone, you need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on your phone
Step 2: Click on the settings icon, which is the cog icon in the top right corner of the screen.

How to do it in ff

Step 3: Select Sensitivity card (sensitivity) in the menu.


Step 4: Edit the sensitivity parameters according to the indicator above.
Step 5: Press Save button (save) and close the settings tab.

Besides, when playing Free Fire on your computer with the Android BlueStacks emulator, readers can also refer to the instructions for adjusting mouse sensitivity here to aim better..

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3. Some ways to get used to and use the new sensitivity in Free Fire

In addition to applying the same sensitivity parameters suggested in the article, you can also customize these parameters to better suit yourself. However, to master the new sensitivity, you also need time to get used to and practice. Here are ways that you can use to practice your new sensitivity in Free Fire.

– Training ground

To check if the sensitivity parameters are appropriate, you need to regularly visit the training ground to try out different sights and weapons. After getting used to the new sensitivity, you can go into real matches to fight with the most comfortable shooting feeling.

– Adjust the centering position

To improve aiming skills and aiming accuracy, you should set the Look Around parameter between 50 and 80 to ensure the best centering position. In addition, you need to practice aiming with each specific parameter to both improve accuracy and increase aiming speed.

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– HUD Control

Each adjustment will help players have the best game interaction. Therefore, adjusting HUD Control is an effective way to help players have the best reflexes. For example, you can switch from using two fingers to using 3 or 4 fingers for better aiming. In addition, you can also create optional rooms with friends to improve your aiming and fighting skills accordingly.
Thus, the article of has provided readers with the best Free Fire sensitivity parameters in 2023 along with notes to help improve combat skills in the Free Fire game. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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