Guide to playing Dream League Soccer for beginners

Dream League Soccer is a very hot football management game on mobile with simple gameplay, intuitive control system and realistic graphics platform. Today, would like to spend an article to introduce readers to an overview of the free Dream League Soccer game on mobile.

Dream League Soccer owns the gameplay and interface that is not much different from the others blockbuster soccer game other on mobile such as series Real Football, FIFA, Top Eleven 2015 …

How to play the game Dream League Soccer

The initial screen of Dream League Soccer is screen to select the captain. There are up to 80 strong players to choose from as captain for your team. Next to the player’s name is the score and the club in which they are playing. Use swipe left or right to see a list of all 80 candidates.

The player can press the button Create Your Own Captain below the screen to create your own captain. This mode allows you to name your captain.

Click on any player’s name to see details about them, including name, game position, height, right leg, skill and strategy scores… with an avatar next to it.

Press No Thanks If you want to go back to the list of captain candidates. Press See More to see more information. Finally, press Sign Captain to select that player as the school team.

The image of your dream team will appear on the training ground full of playing positions and directing coaches.

Above is the simulated image The coaches are directly involved in directing players on the field. The coach will wear a suit to distinguish it from the players.

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Switch to the season goal screen, such as getting 8th or higher after the end of the tournament, win at least 5 matches during the season, and score at least 15 goals. A red x box indicates that you have not accomplished this goal. New players will be given 50 gold coins as capital. With each of the above targets, you will pocket 20 gold coins. Press tiếp tục to continue.

The next screen is Main menu of the game. Here you can choose to enter an opening match with a randomly matched club. View information about the team in the category My Club, including season goals, stadium, coaching program and change of tactics.

Regime Multiplayer including Game Center Online to play games via Game Center, play with many other game friends via local WiFi network or Bluetooth connection between devices. Players can manage personal profiles in the category My Profile, including general settings, customizable controls and playback of played matches.

Select item Team Management to manage the team at a higher level, including team management, tactics and making a list of 11 official footballers for the next match. In item Transfers, players can search for the best players in the transfer market, see the list of free players or buy and sell, exchange with other teams.

Player development process will be conducted in the section Player Development. Here you can train each core player or the entire team according to your own training program.

Part Statistics will statistic all matches, tournaments and results that the team achieved. Below is the button Get Coins for you to buy more packages of gold coins or receive free gold coins through certain forms. Each player gets 50 gold coins at the start. Press tiếp tục to continue.

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Press Yes to step in training mode, help you get acquainted with the training ground, the basic control system in Dream League Soccer.

For new players, you should take a few minutes Get to know the team, the training ground and how to play the game Dream League Soccer. This short tutorial will introduce gamers to the main control system and let your team practice with each other.

On the pitch screen, yes 2 control zones left and right. On the left is a joystick-style control button familiar. You can rotate this button to change the player’s direction, drag any side so that the player moves in that direction. A white arrow appears on the screen to show the direction of the ball or the move of the player holding the ball.

The control cluster on the right side of the screen consists of 3 buttons A, B and C. Button B allows for low kicks, low kicks and passes to teammates. Hold the button longer to increase the power of the shot. Use the B button to pass the ball or kick the ball into the air. You can also kick the ball with this button. When defending, hold this button to increase ball pressure. Button A supports stretch kicks and strong kicks or finishes. Hold this button longer to increase the power of the shot. Button A is used to finish toward the opponent’s goal or tactical ball. Button C supports the tire ball or change players.

You will be able to comfortably practice with Dream League Soccer game in your army squad. This process helps you get acquainted with the two control zones on the left or right, increasing your ability to feel the ball and controlling the player more flexibly on the field.

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Exit exercise mode to return to the main menu. Here you can enter the debut of the football club you are managing by clicking the first box. Dream FC vs Freiburg.

Switch to the squad screen of both teams to see a list of main players, shirt colors and specific goals in this match. Complete each goal to help you earn more valuable gold coins. Press tiếp tục to continue.

2 teams appear on the field with the starting lineup. The referees team takes the lead, followed by the 2 captains, 2 goalkeepers and the remaining 10 players from each team.

At this point, you can join the first match with your dream team. Note the miniature screen in the center below the large screen to help you see the entire football field. Press the button Pause to pause the game as needed. In the left corner of the screen is information about the match time, the score. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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