Guide to penalty kicks in FIFA Online 3 New Engine

Referring to football games, it is impossible not to mention EA Sport with the FIFA football game series. Recently, this company has just launched a new version of FIFA Online 3, also known as FO3 New Engine with a breakthrough in image technology, interface as well as gameplay. It is not really clear what the specific feedback of the players is, but this new version with corrections and upgrades also makes some skills, drag operations dribble and shoot no longer the same as the old version.

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One of the points that makes people addicted to this game feel quite inconvenient and sometimes inhibited, that is the way penalty kicks are completely different from before. No matter how “pro” you are in the old FO3, with the new FO3 engine, you will also have difficulty in this phase. The following article will help you fix that.

Accurate penalty kick in FIFA Online 3 New Engine

This is the main interface when taking a penalty in the FIFA Online football game Engine version. You can see 2 force bars appear in the middle of the screen. What are these two force bars?

  • Bar above (bigger): Adjust the contact position between the character’s foot and the ball. Or understandably, this is the bar that controls the accuracy of the shot. This bar can be seen showing blue in the middle, yellow on both sides and red at the top. If the slider is centered or near blue, it means the ball has good contact, high accuracy, and vice versa.
  • Bar below (smaller): Adjust the force of the shot (strong, light).

Pen shot interface in FO3 New Engine

Changing the way to shoot the pen compared to the old version is aimed at helping players take the initiative and control their shots in the most accurate way. However, for those who are not used to it, it can be a phase of “shooting birds” or “chasing chickens”.

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About the keys to play, it probably doesn’t need to be said again, because nothing has changed, but to be able to shoot the pen accurately and effectively, you need to keep in mind:

  • When shooting, make sure the slider is exactly or as close to the blue area as possible. This is the key, most important factor and holds up to 99% of the success rate of the pen.
  • The force of the shot should also be just enough, not too strong but also not too weak, easily blocked, because the goalkeeper at FO3 New Engine has much better reflexes.

You can see more clearly in the images below:

Case 1: Shot in

The slider is in the middle of the blue area, the force is just enough.

How to kick pen in FO3 new version bản

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Although it has a much better reflex than the old version, with a perfect shot like this, no “keeper” can stop it.

Guide to penalty kicks in the football game FO3 New engine

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Case 2: Damaged shot.

And if you don’t choose correctly, the further away from the blue area, the more inaccurate your shot (even if it’s weak).

Tips to kick the pen correctly in the game FIFA Online 3 New Engine

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An extremely ungainly penalty “to the sky”!

Pen kick in the game FIFA Online New Engine

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Although there is information that the players with high stats (including shooting index) will have a wider blue area, easier to do, but personally, the writer sees all the same.

The best way for you to be able to make your penalty well is to practice, practice a lot until you master it. Or simply play the old version and follow along Pen kick guide for FIFA Online 3 that has introduced to you before!

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Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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