Guide to making friends in Mini World Royale

Although only released in beta version but Mini World Royale is a survival shooter game that is loved by a lot of people. Like other online games, this game also allows us to make friends and socialize with other people.

If you are new to this game and still do not know how to make friends with other players, then we would like to invite you to follow the article. guide to make friends in Mini World Royale.

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1. Guide to send friend in Mini World Royale

Step 1: First, open the game Mini World Royale on your phone or computer, then log in to play mode Guest to enter.

Step 2: In the game’s main lobby, click account icon at the top of the screen.

Click the account icon

Step 3: At this time a window will appear on the screen Friend, Please click on the item Make friend.

Click on Make friends

Step 4: The screen will now display a number of other game accounts for us to make friends. In addition, players can also enter game account name or ID code of the person I want to make friends with Search box, then touch Magnifying glass icon.

Enter your ID code or account name

Step 5: When the Mini World Royale account of the person you want to be a friend appears, tap add friends icon, to send friend invitations.

Click the icon to add friends

Step 6: Please wait for the person you just sent the confirmation to become friends.

Instructions to receive friend invitations in Mini World Royale

Step 1: Continue at the window Friend In Mini World Royale, players tap the item’s icon Notification.

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Click on the Notifications icon

Step 2: Now List Friend invitation will be displayed, touch the button Agree or button Agree to all to accept your friend request.

Touch the OK button

Step 3: If you do not want to accept the friend request, click the button Skip or Skip all.

Wish you all success!

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