Get Free Subnautica – Super Sea Survival Game worth $25

In the whole line survival game, Subnautica Considered as the most unique product… Not set in a post-apocalyptic setting with arid lands or ancient times where dinosaurs still strut, Subnautica throws gamers straight to the bottom of the ocean where remains a mystery in the eyes of mankind. And now this $25 survival super product is officially royalty-free, allowing gamers to receive the key and own it forever from today.


All you need to do to get Subnautica on PC is to follow the step-by-step Emergenceingame.Com instructions below:

Step 1: You log in to the address

  • Then if you don’t have an account Epic Gamesyou register at THIS. You can register via your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account of your choice.​

  • Continue, readers can download Epic Games software to PC via the address THIS.​

Step 2: After you have an Epic Games account and install the software on your PC, activate the software on your computer and log in with the account you just created.

From the menu of the software, click on the Storethen click on Subnautica. From here you click on the box “Free” brown , tick “The game you are purchasing is licensed…” then press Place Order. You now officially own Subnautica.


Step 3: In the software menu, click on the item Thư viện on the left, select the game Subnautica and press Install is able to start the process of Downloading the game.

Note: The event to receive the Subnautica game key will take place from now until 12 noon on December 28, 2018. If you receive the key during the game, it will belong to you forever. So hurry up and get this super survival game from today.

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All events give away copyrighted games will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible. Here are some pictures of the game:

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