Get familiar with the DotA map

Defense of the Ancient (DotA) is a custom map of the Warcraft 3 series. This is a role-playing game, good strategy but relatively difficult because it requires a lot of skills and knowledge of the player. Therefore, in the article below, will introduce details about the DotA map to help new gamers easily access this famous game.

Dota Map

Mini map displayed on the DotA screen

1. The main roads (Lane) on the DotA map:

Defense Of The Ancient is a never-ending struggle between the Sentinel and the Scourge. Coming to DotA, you will have to play the role of a warrior on the side of one of the two forces above.

The map in DotA will be divided into 2 parts, the bottom left is Sentinel, the upper right is Scourge, each faction will have 5 heroes. Red is Sentinel, green is Scourge. The two stars are the main works (relics) of each side and the triangular area surrounding the two stars is the “headquarters”.

DotA Map

Warcraft 3’s Allstar Map

Lane is the main road connecting the “headquarters” of the two sides together. The fighting between the two sides is mainly located on these roads.

The white line is the line showing the lanes. Route 1 is Top lane (top), number 2 is Mid lane (middle) and line 3 is Bot lane (bottom). The blue line is the river that crosses 3 lanes and is also the main road to move back and forth on the battlefield.

In the image below, the 3 gray squares are 3 Towers (watchtowers) in each lane, and you have to clear the turn from outside to inside. Each time you destroy the Tower, the whole team will get more than 200 gold. Destroying all 3 outer towers will destroy the house which is 6 light blue circles. In the innermost are the last 2 Towers (black square), destroy 2 Towers to reach the Throne (red T), destroy the Throne relic, you will win the battle.

Warcraft Map

Detailed map in Warcraft

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2. Jungle (Jungle), Secret shop and Neutral Creep fields on Warcraft map

In addition to the main roads, in the fierce Warcraft battlefield, there are also mysterious areas containing many traps and dangerous creatures. There are 4 main areas located between the lanes.

The Jungle (Jungle) is the most mysterious and trap-filled area in DotA, an ideal place for the enemy to hide and ambush you.

The purple triangle shows the location of the secret shop (Secret Shop), which sells items for the war between the two factions. The two Secret shops located between the lanes are places to sell high-end items that the shops at the main house do not have, the remaining 2 secret shops are located in the forest that only sell some common items but it also helps players save time traveling moved on.

The word RS (circled in yellow) on the map is where Roshan appears. RS is the strongest creature in DotA, there is only one RS and it is extremely powerful. To destroy it, it is necessary to combine the strength of the heroes and when killing him, your team will receive a very valuable reward. 10 minutes from the last death Roshan will reappear, killing Roshan will pick up the Aegis revival item (also known as RS item) that helps the hero respawn at the point of death a few seconds later. This RS item can’t be removed when picked up, except when it dies, it disappears on its own. The third time when Rosan dies, it will drop more Cheese, when used, it will immediately restore 2500 HP and 1000 MP.

Map of Dota

In addition, in the forest, there are neutral creatures called Neutral Creep (denoted by small yellow dots scattered in the forest). DRAWKilling these jungle Creeps helps Heroes gain strength quite quickly, so knowing the location of these Creep beaches is quite important. Yellow dot is low level Neutral Creep, orange dot is Neutral creep level 2, quite strong.

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The above is just some necessary information about the Warcraft game map for beginners. Mastering these basic knowledge will serve as the foundation to help you become good gamers in the future. Let’s experience and discover this fascinating game!

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