Genshin Impact – The location where the unknown treasure was found

The unknown treasure Genshin Impact is a fun quest for all players. Let find out the location The mysterious treasure chests in Genshin Impact Please!

RPG Genshin Impact RPG Not only beautiful graphics but also extremely attractive gameplay with countless interesting missions.

The character in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact There are many valuable and rare items hidden, notably the anonymous treasure – Nameless Treasure. When you find them, you can get up to one hundred thousand Mora or more. The article will guide you how to find the entire hidden treasure chest in Genshin Impact in the simplest way.

An anonymous treasure chest in Genshin Impact

The location where the anonymous treasure was found in Genshin Impact

God of Laws

Genshin Impact’s first anonymous treasure can be found in the God of Law. To get to this place, you will need the help of the NPC held hostage nearby. You will find this NPC lying in a trap cage and surrounded by enemies on the west side of the Lord of Laws. Beat them to unlock the treasure chest nearby and get the key to unlock the cage inside. When successfully rescuing the NPC, this character will tell you the treasure’s location.

Tuan Ngoc Lang

The location to find the next anonymous treasure in Genshin Impact is Tuan Ngoc Lang. It’s submerged, so you’ll need to drain the area before continuing. To perform the mission, you must light up 4 torches with the Fire skill – Pyro or simply shoot an arrow with Amber’s bow. Some of the torches are well hidden so you need to look around to light them up. Then activate the Earth element to lower the water level, then step into the lake. Here you will see 3 souls. You must lead each of them to the designated location. This will lower the force field that protects the treasure chest of Genshin Impact’s unknown treasure inside.

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The unknown treasure Genshin Impact

The location of the torch to be lit in Tuan Ngoc Lang:

  • Next to Geo stone pillars.
  • On the high stone pillar next to the Geo pillar.
  • Submersed.
  • The last torch can be found by jumping over the square in the middle of the rubble. Turn your back on the lake and you will see the torch at the top of the stairs.

Thanh Huu seaport

Thanh Huu seaport contains an unknown treasure in Genshin Impact

The last anonymous treasure of Genshin Impact is located at the mouth of the Qinghai Sea. In the middle of Thanh Huu sea is a talking stone stele that will tell you the locations of the 5 different Earth elemental seals that you need to visit. 5 locations with the seal of the Earth element in Thanh Huu estuary:

  • 1 seal is located on the edge of the stone pedestal in the center of the sea (between 2 small pillars).
  • The remaining four seals are under the roof of every stone building. Note, although most of them appear directly under the roof of the building, on the second tallest building, the Earth symbol is located one floor lower.

After breaking all 5 seals, the last treasure chest will appear next to the stone monument.

If you do not know what next, you can sell each item you collect to the owner of Hy Co Cu – Linlang.

Above are 3 the location of the unknown treasure in Genshin Impact. Hope this article helps you conquer this treasure more easily.

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