Genshin Impact: Interesting facts about Lisa you probably didn’t know

Sự thật thú vị về Lisa trong Genshin Impact

Lisa is one of the most popular characters in the game Genshin Impact. But, Lisa by Genshin Impact There are many interesting things that you may not have known.

Interesting facts about Lisa in Genshin Impact

Present, Genshin Impact There are 29 characters, including characters that are not easy to get. Lisa is one of them.

Lisa may be weaker than other electric Genshin Impact characters, but she can accompany the player right from the beginning of the story. Not just an ordinary librarian, this mysterious witch has many interesting things for you to explore.

Interesting facts about Lisa in Genshin Impact

Graduated from Sumeru Academy

Lisa from Genshin Impact

The Sumeru Institute is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the Teyvat world. It is a training ground for researchers, wizards, and archivists, and often sends them everywhere to perform missions. Although it is okay to accept all the people of Teyvat, graduating from the Sumeru Academy has not been easy.

Lisa graduated from this school and was hailed as the best student for nearly 200 years. She trained as a mage and had strong magical potential while studying in Sumeru.

Love to take a nap

Lisa loves to nap

When it comes to a powerful great mage, most of us think of a strange robed demigod capable of dividing mountains in half by reciting some ancient spells. Lisa can destroy mountains or gather great magical powers … while not sleeping.

According to the official Genshin Impact website, Lisa likes to take a nap or nap whenever possible. She has never felt enough sleep. However, do not think it is a sign of laziness because Lisa is always trying to complete all important tasks.

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Lisa’s specialty is Mysterious Bolognese

Lisa's special dish in Genshin Impact

Lisa’s favorite food in Genshin Impact is pasta. She likes it best when combined with meat sauces, herbs, and a hint of magic to create the flavor. You can cook this after learning how to make Flaming Red Bolognese.

Mysterious Bolognese has the ability to restore up to 26% of HP and increase healing: 570/5 seconds every 30 seconds. It is not clear what Lisa did to create this special dish, but, her magic may be the secret ingredient.

Lisa is a prankster

Lisa's personality in Genshin Impact

Despite being a talented witch, having spent a lot of time training to become a master in the industry, Lisa is not a “nerd”. When taking Lisa to the party, you can see that she often uses words like “cutie” (cute) or “darling” (darling) when it comes to the player’s character. However, don’t be too hopeful because Genshin Impact doesn’t have any romantic relationship building system yet.

Lisa’s birthday is on June 9

Lisa's birthday in Genshin Impact

Lisa was born on June 9, in the Gemini womb. Lisa did not share her birthday with anyone on the team. Therefore, few people know this information.

Lisa is also the oldest playable character in Genshin Impact. Currently, Lisa is 32 years old (excluding the thousand-year-old characters). Lisa shares the same birthday with famous actors as Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox, and Natalie Portman. It seems that June 9 is the birth day of attractive people.

Above are some Interesting information about Lisa in Genshin Impact. If you know anything else, please share with readers!

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