Genshin Impact: How to get rewards in the game

In Genshin ImpactYou need to dig into the many menus and controls to find all the possible prizes. The article will synthesize rewards earned through development progress to email and limited time events during the game Genshin Impact.

How to get a reward in Genshin Impact

How to unlock rewards in Genshin Impact

You can easily find the entire table below through the menu, some of which appear as a tooltip (exclamation icon) as reported in the upper part of the HUD. The only exception is on the far right-hand side of the HUD (the character) because it usually tells you if you can re-read certain lines or not.

Events – Events

Fate Foretold – You will find these prizes as you continually progress in the story by increasing your Adventure Rank. These include “starter” characters that will join your team. You don’t need to make any transactions during this event.

The event tab of the game Genshin Impact

Seize the Day – They are daily login rewards. Remember that this event will be reset at 4:00 am daily according to the local time zone or server of your choice:

  • North America Server: 4am (GMT-5).
  • Europe Server: 4:00 am (GMT + 1)
  • Asia Server: 4:00 am (GMT + 8)
Daily Rewards in Genshin Impact

People’s Choice – First, you will need to reach Adventure Rank 20 to enter Spiral Abyss. After that, you need to clean the 3rd floor – room 3 to complete the goal. After that, you will unlock the Xiangling – a free gift companion.

Vote Award in Genshin Impact

Test Run – This event allows you to use specific characters for a limited time in a short trial run. Note, the equipment and items here are often required to perform transactions.

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Test Run consisted of a room containing several enemies. The purpose of Test Run is to test the character’s abilities. After completing this event, you will receive an award. You can also replay it to continue to try other characters but will no longer receive rewards.

Test reward in Genshin Impact

Adventurer’s Handbook, Adventure Rank and Battle Pass

This table shows a few tasks you can complete when playing the game Genshin Impact. You will get Adventure EXT items and currency to unlock additional missions.

You will unlock a free companion – Barbara upon reaching Adventure Rank 20 (before Genshin Impact 1.1 released). Besides that, you also get access to the Battle Pass.

Rewards experience game Genshin Impact

Achievements – Achievements

You can find the Achievements screen on the menu. It contains categories that contain multiple goals to accomplish. Some of them are main quests, others are just as challenging as mastering elemental effects in combat or defeating certain enemies’ moves.

Conquering achievements will give you Primogem. They are the usual currency in the game. You will get Primogem through quests and other jobs throughout your journey to explore Genshin Impact.

Achievement rewards for playing the game Genshin Impact


Check out the mail from time to time by the developer miHoYo can send out some items commemorating the milestones of Genshin Impact or a survey that only needs you to complete and you will receive Primogem.

Rewards via mail in the game Genshin Impact

Your birthday

From the Genshin Impact menu, you’ll see a small line to enter your date of birth. When that day comes, check your inbox to receive a Cake for Traveler. Although it doesn’t work much, however, if you use it in stock (precious items tab) you will get 1x Fragile Resin, which helps to fill the Resin – The virgin resin is exhausted if you are opening Ley Line and other Item box left by boss.

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Birthday rewards for playing the game Genshin Impact

Above how to own the rewards in the game Genshin Impact. Hope the article helps you play the game more easily.

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