Genshin Impact: Guide to level up weapons

While playing Genshin ImpactGamers need to constantly enhance their weapons by upgrading them to higher strength levels.

Weapons upgrade in Genshin Impact
Weapons upgrade in Genshin Impact

Like the characters in Genshin Impact, weapons can increase more muscle strength with matching material and Adventure Rank (AR – level of progression). The process is essentially the same, but the material and where you find it is the difference between weapon leveling up and character leveling up.

Upgrade weapons in Genshin Impact attached to AR and material coming from both enemy drops and Domains of Forgery. Weapon upgrades are similar to character upgrades: You will need to reach a certain AR to unlock this option and collect some of the materials you find in the world. The best way to get ingredients is to spend about 20 Resin per Domain (if you want to get the ultimate reward). Therefore, players need to prioritize what they are “plowing” each day of the week (such as Talent materials, weapon level up materials in Domains and daily drops).

The AR level is equivalent to the weapon level:

  • AR 15 – Weapon level 1. Level cap has been raised to 40.
  • AR 25 – Weapon level 2. Level cap has been raised to 50.
  • AR 30 – Weapon level 3. Level cap has been raised to 60.
  • AR 35 – Weapon level 4. Level cap has been raised to 70.
  • AR 40 – Weapon level 5. Level cap has been raised to 80.
  • AR 45 – Weapon level 6. Level cap has been raised to 90.
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Materials for weapon upgrades
Materials for weapon upgrades

Once you reach the prerequisite AR level, you can upgrade your weapons to new levels. Then unlock the ability to level up. Click Ascend to display the required materials as well as the position of each. The Domains of Forgery in both Liyue and Mondstadt are good places to go, although players will want to keep track of the date when the ingredients they need will drop. Additionally, Domain-specific items can be improved to a higher level through Alchemy, although you can’t create higher level items until you reach AR with the corresponding upgrade.

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