Garena Free Fire: How to own a new Beaston pet

Thú cưng Beaston trong Free Fire

Beaston are pets that have just been added to Free Fire. Present, Beaston gets Free Fire offered as a deposit bonus. This is a great offer that gamers Free Fire should not be overlooked.

Beaston Pets in Free Fire

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Pets in Free Fire not only affect the aesthetics but also make the game more attractive. In fact, Beaston was added to the pet collection in the game at the beginning of the Free Fire OB25 Advance Server version. Currently, Free Fire presents it to players as a deposit bonus.

Beaston Pets in Free Fire

Despite his ugly appearance, Beaston is truly a friendly baboon with a warm heart. Its Helping Hand skill increases grenade throwing distance, colloidal bomb, flashbang, and smoke grenade by 10% at first level. At maximum level, it increases throw distance by up to 30%. Now you can reach enemies further with explosives or expand the range of smoke.

Beaston's skills in Free Fire

How to own Beaston in Free Fire

You cannot buy Beaston directly from the store as it is currently a top-up bonus during the Free Fire event starting from January 16 to January 23. During this time, gamers will receive Beaston immediately upon recharging 100 diamonds. In addition, Free Fire has many other valuable rewards.

Beaston rewards for recharging during the event

100 diamonds – Beaston Pet

Pet rewards in Free Fre

300 diamonds – Beaston shows off the action

The move of the baboon pet in Free Fire

500 diamonds – Glacier Beaston Pet Skin

Baboon skin effect in Free Fire

How to get Beaston in Free Fire

  1. Open Garena Free Fire and go to the tab Events (calendar icon)
  2. Navigate to the event section Beaston Top-up
  3. Press Claim to collect the corresponding prize.
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