Garena Free Fire: Get tips for winning in Shooting Racing mode right away

Racing shooter good Death Race is 1 game mode in Free Fire is extremely loved by the gaming community for its drama and thrill. In this mode, 40 players will be divided into 20 teams, each team will have 2 people. The mission of each team will be to collect items to upgrade their vehicles, weapons and armor. Then battle other teams to find the final winner.

Because of the thrill, to win in Death Race not easy at all. However, if you know how to apply the following tips plus a little luck, maybe your team will have a triumphant song. Please follow along.

Upgrade package

In the mode Racing shooter of the Free Fire Hey, gamers won’t run loot loot like in battle royale mode but will drive around the map to pick up upgrade packs by driving through them. There are 3 types of upgrade packages as follows

Vehicle Upgrade Package (Purple)

Improved bumper

This is the most special upgrade package because each time you pick it up, the player will have the opportunity to recover 200 pts for vehicle durability. Not only that, you also have 65% Upgrade opportunities for your vehicle with the following options:

  • Accelerated box upgrade: Increases maximum speed by 65 and added speed boost skill
  • Upgrading the front bumper of the car: Increases damage by 50 degrees when colliding with rival vehicles
  • Car body shield upgrade: 20% reduction in damage to the vehicle

Weapon Upgrade Pack (Red)

Weapon upgrades

When picking up this weapon upgrade package, players will own it 100 bullets rifle for back seat character holding a gun at the same time 50% Upgrade chance for your gun. Oral m4A1 initially will be fitted with barrel, handle and level 3 magazine. m4A1 will turn into the most powerful rifle in Freefire – Groza.

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Defense Upgrade Pack (Green)

Defense upgrade package

With defensive upgrade packs, gamers will receive 1 bag of healing and 50% the chance to have higher level helmets and armor. When you reach the highest level, both characters on the car will have level 3 helmets and armor. And the helmet and armor durability will be fully increased if you have maxed out.

Choose your character

Choose your character

To choose the correct character, gamers should rely on 2 factors speed and good damage resistance. With the shooting position, you should prioritize your choice Andrew or Ford, because Andrew Ability to increase armor endurance, while Ford Helps reduce damage from blue circles. As for the steering position, you should give it Misha because of her high-speed driving qualities few characters can match.

Vehicle durability and blood

Vehicle durability and blood

If you don’t want to be a loser in Free Fire death race, gamers are not allowed to set either vehicle endurance bar or character’s health to zero. To increase the stats for these two bars, collect repair and first aid bags right away.

Change character position

Change character position

Sometimes, you should make a little surprise for your opponent by switching positions between two characters on the car, but of course this action is only done when both players are ready.

Hope the aforementioned little tips will be helpful to you in the fierce battle at Death Race.

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