Garena Free Fire: Everything you need to know about the new Gloo Wall Swordsman Legends skin

New Gloo Wall Swordsman Legends Skin in Free Fire can be reached by 5,000 diamonds in the Top-Up event.

Garena offers a rich selection of equipment, characters, pets … Most of them are Gloo Wall skin – Glue bombs, packages, loot box skin, do not affect gameplay. . However, they are great when you want to beautify your character. Players can own them from the store or at various events.

New Gloo Wall skin

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Gloo Wall plays an important role in Free Fire survival shooter. Players can use them to hide or change positions in close-range battles. Recently, Free Fire has released a new skin for Gloo Wall, called Swordsmen Legends. Here are all the details about the new Free Fire skin for colloidal bombs.

Things to know about Gloo Wall Swordsman Legends skin in Free Fire

This new Gloo Wall skin is currently available at the Swordsman Legend Top-Up event from November 28 to December 4.

During this time, players can receive various rewards when buying or recharging a certain amount of diamonds.

Design new legendary sword in Free Fire

Here are all the milestones and rewards players can collect during the event:

  • 100 diamonds – Swordsman Legends Loot Box
  • 500 diamonds – Gloo Wall – Swordsman Legends
  • 1,000 diamonds – Design Swordsman Legends

How to collect rewards from Swordsman Legend Top-Up events

  1. Open Garena Free Fire and load the corresponding diamonds as above.
  2. After buying diamonds successfully, come to part Events – Event.
  3. Click event Swordsman Legend Top-Up.
  4. Click the receive button next to the corresponding reward.
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Skin Swordsman Legend Top Up

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