Gaming Tips Who is a millionaire with high scores

Participate in the game Who is a Millionaire, you will have to answer 15 randomized multiple choice questions. Each question has 4 answers for you to choose from, the difficulty will increase gradually through the questions with the time limit of 30 seconds.

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In these 15 questions will be divided into 3 important levels:

  • The first level stops at question 5, the bonus level will be 1 million.
  • The second level stops at question 10, you will get 15 million dong.
  • The final level if 15 questions are correctly answered, will be received 120 million dong.

Game interface Who is a millionaire

However, to overcome 15 questions in Who is a Millionaire is not easy at all, because knowledge covers all fields from politics, society, economics, sports, music, culture … So maybe this sentence is easy for one person, but difficult for the other. To quickly pass the questions in the game invite you to consult the following 3 tips:

Tips to answer questions in the game Who is a millionaire

Respond quickly and accurately

Immediately after listening to the question, if you are sure of the answer, please quickly ring the bell and answer. Responding as quickly and accurately as possible has a bonus.

Take advantage of the right to help

During the game Who is a millionaire, you will receive 4 rights of help: 50/50 choice, asking audience’s opinion, calling relatives and changing other questions. In addition, you have The right to stop the game at any mark to preserve the existing bonus points.

Depending on the situation, you should take advantage of these help rights accordingly, to quickly overcome the difficult question in the game:

  • If you are wondering between 2 answers, please use 50/50 help rights.
  • If you do not know the answer, you can take advantage of help asking the audience’s opinion or changing another question.
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Remember you can only use up to 4 permissions, so don’t “waste” into easy questions. Using help at the right time, with the right questions, you quickly get through the level.

Should not reply indiscriminately

When the question is out of the scope of your knowledge, it’s best not to answer it “mess”If you are unlucky, you can be disqualified immediately.

Who is a millionaire is an extremely rewarding playground, giving players the opportunity to test their knowledge as well as their understanding of all areas of life. Also in the most pressing cases you can refer Answers game Who is a millionaire that we introduced in the previous article.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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