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Gamers are about to play the World War 3 FPS blockbuster “World War 3”


The developer The Farm 51 has just announced a modern military FPS super product World War 3 will be available on Early Access this October 19 for 28 USD (equivalent to 21 Euro).

Players will have two modes to choose from. The first mode Warzone includes infantry, armored vehicles and drones fighting for fortified positions. Winning small battles will help players gain extra resources and influence over a larger area of ​​the strategic map. The second mode is Recon, where players form a team and destroy opponents while catching many different objects.

The developer expects the game to be available in Early Access within 12-15 months, and adds new gameplay modes, weapons, maps, and characters during that time. It is likely that the developer will raise the price of the full version of the game a bit, and all future downloads will be free.


The Farm 51, the creators of Get Even, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, and Necrovision, is focusing on the authenticity of the game in both modes: weapons, uniforms, and equipment for the national army. accurate simulation to every detail; Ballistic gunnery is the result of many years of research by experts in the military, and the map is designed with real-life locations such as Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow.


Visit the game’s Steam page for more details. All relevant news will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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