Game Muck: Survival tips for new players

The battle for survival in game Muck not easy. Survival tips while playing Muck below can help you experience the game easier.

Free to play, challenging and combines some of the best features of survival games with roguelike, play Muck Really fun and very effective stress reliever.

Surviving the first 3 days in Muck is no easy task. Basically, you need to jump into sprint mode to try to get the best tools and boosts possible in order to repel the ever-increasing “wave” of monsters, and eventually the monstrous Big Chunk. . However, don’t worry too much, the Muck game tips The following can help you overcome the challenge more easily.

How to survive in the game Muck

Move fast

Survival tips in Muck

Imagine you are on a speed track in Minecraft. Cut down a few trees as fast as you can, craft a pickaxe, start getting some rocks and iron. Crafting recipes in the game Muck quite similar to Minecraft.

Monsters start appearing at 12 midnight. You can see the time on the bottom left of the screen. Before starting the first night, you have about 5 minutes of daylight in the game to collect the necessary items. The time is not much, but it is enough for you to earn a stone or iron pickaxe. Don’t worry about other tools, a pickaxe is enough to get you through the first night.

Monsters will attack your workbench, furnace and other items

Monsters in Muck

You need to secure your place for the first night. When the stars start to appear, at least you need to finish crafting a workbench and furnace. Melt iron in the night and stay away from weird, scary dinosaur monsters, or they will destroy your belongings.

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You can simply run in the opposite direction so that monsters don’t attack your items. They usually prefer to chase you but once you see that delicious table, you really lose it. In addition, you can continue to smelt iron when fighting monsters next to the furnace.

Ligon Shrooms are delicious, they increase your health

Cooking in Muck

Game Muck has 4 different types of mushrooms, including: Ligon, Sugon and Gulpon. Each type has its own use corresponding to each bar in the corner of the screen. Yellow Ligon Shroom & Red Gulpon increase health while pink Sugon buffs you.

Mushrooms in Muck are extremely abundant. They appear everywhere. So you don’t have to worry about cookware, preparing beef, or making bread with wheat. These mushrooms will do the job, especially when you’re up against Big Chunk.

Open the chest

Open the inventory in Muck

Killing monsters will give you gold coins. This money is used to open crates containing buffs and perks. The chests have different values ​​but you don’t need to worry about that when you first play Muck. Just use coins to open 25 gold chests. You need the boosters inside the chest as soon as possible.

Muck offers a bunch of perks for you to unlock. Some are useful right from the start, including any migration add-ons like Jetpack or double jump. They make it easier to fight monsters, eventually defeating the giant moving rocks Golem and Big Chunk.

In addition, Muck also has a number of free crates scattered around the map. They are dark gray in color.

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Jump now to Mithril

Gather resources in Muck

Don’t worry too much about collecting iron. Once you have Steel Pickaxe, you can mine Mithril immediately. This is a fully upgraded version of the regular steel tool and also allows you to start chopping down Oak trees with the Mithril Ax ax.

Each tree in Muck – Oak, Fir, Birch … is used to make different levels of items. You need birch to make the Mithril ax. Civet oak to craft a set of Adamantite equipment – the next level of Mithril.

Here are some Muck Game Tips for beginners. If any how to play Muck Anything else, please share with readers!

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