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This morning, Mobile Beast Awakening officially opened the first servers after a long time of testing, along with that, NPH sent the latest Mobile Animal Awakening Code for all Trainers.

Enter the Mobile Beast Awakening Code to become a talented Trainer at Ultimate Arena 8vs8, a true playground for those who like the Pokemon strategy game genre, you can freely customize the super beast evolution lineup , increase combat power and assert invincible power.

1. Introducing the game Awaken the Beast Mobile

Awakening the Beast is a new 8vs8 Pokemon fighting game possessing super beautiful 3D graphics, eye-catching skill effects. Awakening the Beast has more than 100 beasts and 18 mutual systems for coaches to recruit, build a strong squad to show tactical talent in the Ultimate Arena.

2. Outstanding features of the game Awaken the Beast Mobile

– Pokemon standard strategy game on Mobile
– More than 100 original standard beasts.
– Ultimate Tactical Arena 8vs8
– Freedom to arrange the squad, upgrade super animals
– Free gift over every day after logging in the game.
– Dense operation, multiplying countless resources.

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Summary of the latest Mobile Beast Awakening Code

3. What are the benefits of Entering the Code of the Mobile Beast Awakening game?

Enter the latest Mobile Beast Awakening Code to own immediately a super awesome gift set including the Mew S beast, rare Orange accessories, star stone, awakening stone … and countless Diamonds and precious items Rare TOP racing to receive great rewards

4. Full Code of Awakening the Beast Mobile


5. How to enter the Mobile Beast Awakening Code

Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click the icon Avatar figure.

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Step 2: Next you choose the card GiftCode under.

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Step 3: Import Code for Awakening the Beast Mobilepress OK.
– Click anywhere to collect rewards to redeem Code.

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6. How to get the new Mobile Beast Awakening Code

Right after launch, NPH GOSU organized a series of events to receive the new Mobile Beast Awakening Code on their official Fanpage, you just need to follow the instructions to get a new super cool Giftcode.
– Mobile Beast Awakening Homepage
– Fanpage Awakening the Beast Mobile fb.com/thuctinhthanthugosu
– Group Awakening the Beast Mobile fb.com/groups/478888700882949
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at https://thuthuat.Emergenceingames.com/canews_code-game-126.aspx

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