Free Fire: The characters have the ability to track the enemy

Moco trong Free Fire

When playing Free Fire, grasping the position of the enemy gives you great advantage in combat. Below are 3 Free Fire character has the ability to track down enemies that you should possess.

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Free Fire is the world’s top survival shooter today. This is a real survival battle of 50 players on a deserted island. Only one player can win, so in addition to good fighting skills, information is extremely important. In this article, let’s list Free Fire character is capable of detecting the position of the enemy Please!

Free Fire character has the ability to track the enemy


Moco in Free Fire

Moco is one of the oldest characters in Garena Free Fire. She has hacker eyes, which help the player track a target enemy for 5 seconds and make it harder for the enemy to escape. This is a passive skill so you can dedicate the active ability position to other Free Fire characters.

Moco is also a great character for Free Fire players for free as they can buy her from the store for as little as 8,000 coins.


Clu in Free Fire

Clu’s Tracing Steps ability will reveal the position of the enemy who is not lying on her stomach or squatting for 7 seconds but is 50 meters away from her. Clu’s teammates can see the cooldown of 50 seconds on the screen.

Clu is a great supporter of the team because she helps the team plan a fight easily by scouting the surrounding area to promptly detect potential dangers. Clu’s skills are extremely useful in combat. However, because Tracing Steps is an active ability, you cannot use other OP skills like Chrono or K.

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Shirou from Free Fire

Shirou is a newly released Free Fire character. Shirou is offered free of charge to all players who log into Free Fire on February 27. The Damage Delivered ability tracks an enemy who shoots Shirou for 8 seconds and equips him with 100% armor penetration the next time he is fired.

With Shirou’s power, you can easily hit the enemy with a shotgun because they were being watched from the start. Shirou is really the best Free Fire character given up to now.

Note, this is also a passive skill so you can combine it with Chrono’s skill and create a powerful counter-attack combo.

Dreki’s pet

Dreki from Free Fire

Dragon Dreki is a new pet in Free Fire. It gives the player the ability to mark enemies using Medkit within 10m. Needless to say, this is definitely an unbelievable skill never seen in Free Fire’s pets. Basically, if you want to know when the enemy is in the easiest position to attack, Dreki will help you.

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