Free Fire: Play Lucky Dice to receive M60 Thien Ho

Part of a series of 3-year birthday events Free Fire, a new event named Lucky dice will help players receive valuable gifts such as M60 Thien Ho, Dragunov Thien Ho, Stone Crafted, Ice Grenade, M1887 Future, AK Dragon Fire.

To know how to join Lucky dice, you refer to the article below of the game fun offline.

Step 1: You start the game Free Fire on your device up. At the main interface, click on the event Lucky dice

Press lucky dice event

Step 2: In section Lucky diceUse diamonds to buy dice. Specifically, there will be 2 options for you: 20 diamonds corresponding to 1 turn and 100 diamonds corresponding to 5 turns.

Buy a roll of dice

Step 3: After purchasing the dice, see how many dots the dice can rotate on the face, then Kelly’s character on the map will move each step. You will receive 1 small reward at each stop box

Turn the dice

Step 4: If Kelly stops at the treasure box, you will get 1 treasure badge in exchange for attractive gifts.

The dice stop at the treasure box

Step 5: Once quite a few have been collected treasure badgePlease press Redeem gifts

Press to exchange gifts

Step 6: Immediately the prize conversion table will show up with the reward from high to low, the highest of course is the gun M60 Thien Ho corresponding 6 treasure badges.

Redeem prizes

Step 7: Finally, you can confirm the gift you have chosen again and you’re done

Gift confirmation


  • Time event from August 24 – August 30, 2020
  • Any items you receive will be sent directly to your Locker / Collection

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