Free Fire OB26 Update Details – New Beginning

Currently, Garena is expected to update Free Fire version OB26 with the theme New start on February 4th. Free Fire OB26 promises to bring players a lot of exciting new experiences.

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Free Fire OB26 Update Details – New Beginning

New character

Shirou: A deliveryman, known to be one of the fastest running characters on the Free Fire battlefield. Shirou has the ability to passively damage Delivered. At the base level, when you are hit within a 50m radius, the attacker will be marked for the first 3 seconds.

Shirou from Free Fire

Additionally, the first shot on a marked enemy gains 10% more armor penetration. At the top level, the radius will increase to 100m. Target marker will spawn for up to 8 seconds and gain 100% armor penetration.

Alok: A famous DJ has appeared in the game event before. Alok has an active ability called Drop the Beat, can create surrounding sound waves, increases the movement speed of allies by 10% within a radius of 5m and restores 5HP / sec for 5 seconds.

At maximum level, Alok can increase the movement speed of nearby allies by 15% and increase HP cooldown by 10 seconds.

New weapons and equipment

Weapons MAG-7

A mid-range weapon will be added to the game’s arsenal, the MAG-7 – a high-rate shotgun that holds up to 8 bullets. It is a powerful weapon that can take down an opponent with 2 bullets.

Besides, the knife weapon also has a new throw function, to damage enemies from a long distance.

Pets and other changes

New Dragon in Free Fire
  • The new little dragon Dreki with the Dragon Glare ability, allows you to find a healing enemy near you. Dreki costs 10 diamonds.
  • New waiting hall. An arena is located in the middle of the stadium.
  • New sensitivity settings will improve third-person experience with two new training modes.
  • Revive your teammates with a Revive card (earned by 4 tokens via Vending Machine.
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