Free Fire OB24: Everything you need to know about your new Rockie pet

Free Fire OB24 will release a completely new pet but not a pumpkin or like other speculations. New pets in Free Fire OB24 will be a panda – Raccoon has a completely different name.

New Animal in Free Fire OB24

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Free Fire OB24 Expected to be released on September 22nd. This is one of the biggest updates of Free Fire with two new parts, 2 new weapons and a complete overhaul of Bermuda. Besides, Free Fire also adds a special panda, named Rockie.

Introducing the Rockie pet in Free Fire OB24

The capacity of the pet Rockie in Garena Free Fire OB24 super useful, even more powerful than the Falcon even on the same level. Let learn everything about this panda in Free Fire!

Design Rockie in Free Fire OB24

Create a new pet shape in Free Fire OB24

Rockie is an American raccoon, bipedal and dressed as a punk rock singer, consisting of a leather jacket and a blue mohawk-style mane. You can buy another skin with the exact opposite color scheme, change Rockie’s image red and let it carry a guitar. Based on its name and dress style, the new pet in Free Fire OB24 could be a rock fanatic.

In general, you can combine the above 2 skins with another leather shirt or some design that Free Fire for this character in the future. Both owners and pets can dress in the same style.

Skills and how to use Rockie in Free Fire OB24

Rockie skill in Free Fire OB24

Rockie’s Stay Chill skill – Air Release will reduce your character’s active cooldown by 15% at level 3. It can be said that this is the most buggy feature because your character can use the skill more often than with normal.

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You can also equip up to 4 active skills at the same time. That shows the impact of this capacity is huge. DJ Alok’s 45-second heal will be reduced to 38. A124’s 60-second recovery time is reduced to 51, giving Rockie more health. If you are playing in Free Fire, this is a must have pet.

Stay Chill will not affect Jota’s passive abilities and Sustained Raids regeneration.

Above is everything you need to know about New Rockie rookie in Free Fire OB24. Hope the article is useful to you

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