Free Fire OB24: Do you know which characters best associate with Rockie?

Pets possessing the Stay Chil skill decrease the active skill cooldown

As we all know, panda Rockie will be the new pet in the update Free Fire OB24. Possessing unique skills Stay Chill (Discharge) reduces the cooldown of an equipped active skill to 6% at level 1 and 15% at level 3.

This will definitely be the companion that any character would want to bring in Free Fire. But do you know which characters will maximize their power if combined with this panda? Please refer to the article below for more information.



With Dasha, Sverr is one of two new characters in the update OB24. This character possesses skills Going Berserk (Rage) is seen as the first true attack skill of Free Fire. It will help Sverr deals the most damage with at least 5 seconds of HP. When accompanying Rockie, Sverr will reduce the cooldown a lot and make it harder to beat.

Detective Clu


The female detective possesses the ability to “sniff” an enemy’s location within 30 meters (Trace), if there is a new pet, Clu Enemies will be found even faster. So if you’re playing Clu, let’s “buy” the pandas Rockie Come home.



If the two characters above are more inclined to “public”, the third character is more appreciated in the defense when Steffie can create a circular area around her to protect herself and her teammates inside. And to increase skills is called Color space hey, Rockie is the perfect choice.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok

Can say, DJ Alok is one of the scariest characters in Free Fire with skills Drop The Beat (Life Tone) when activated will create a 5 meter aura that receives HP and increases movement speed of allies but has a very slow cooldown (50 seconds). Therefore, if any Rockie Besides, the cooldown of The melody of life Can decrease by 7 seconds at level 3.

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