Free Fire MAX OB38 update details

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The information and details related to the Free Fire MAX OB38 update are currently of great interest to the gaming community. In order not to have to wait long, below will update and send you the latest information about this update.

Free Fire MAX updates have always been expected by the gaming community because they bring comprehensive updates that change the way they play. Especially at a time when the OB37 version has come to an end, Free Fire MAX OB38 is more and more sought after. Free Fire MAX OB38 update details You can check out more here.

Free fire max ob38 details

What’s new in the Free Fire Max OB38 update?

Free Fire Max OB38 update details and release date

1. Free Fire MAX OB38 official release date

On the official version, major updates are usually released after each ranked season ends. Based on the fact that the OB37 version launched just before the end of Clash Squad Season, it can be predicted that Free Fire MAX OB38 could be released somewhere in the 2nd week of January 2023.

Free fire max ob38 details

2. Free Fire MAX OB38 release date on test server

Besides, the information on the test server – Advance Server is also expected. Because the test server will receive the update 2 weeks before the official server so that Garena has the optimal time to fix errors. Therefore, players on this server have the opportunity to experience these updates early.

Can you update free fire max ob38?

Another reason for players’ interest in the test server is that not everyone has the opportunity to play here. Only the lucky ones selected will receive an email from the publishing team and get a license to play the test. This makes the information from this server even more valuable.

3. Free Fire MAX OB38 update details

Although the content of the update has also been revealed, the details of the gifts and rewards for players are still unknown. Based on the relative time of the official server, the test server will receive the update by the end of December 2022.

Besides, according to some information that has updated, Free Fire Max OB38 version also allows players to open Elite Pass completely free.

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Thus, has introduced to you the details of the Free Fire MAX OB38 update. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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