Free Fire: How to use smoke grenades in Clash Squad

Let’s learn more about Smoke Grenade grenades in Clash Squad by Free Fire with tips to use them effectively!

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Clash Squad has become one of the most played game modes in Garena Free Fire. This is a test that assesses the ability to coordinate extremely effectively among the team members. In Free Fire Clash Squad, there is no loot on the map – players must purchase their own weapons and auxiliary items at the store. Thanks to this mechanism, the gameplay Clash Squad has an impressive depth and some equipment is not available in the normal Free Fire mode. Outstanding in it is Smoke Grenade – Smoke grenades.

Smoke grenades in Free Fire

At the Free Fire store, the smoke grenade is in the bottom section. Each person can only buy one grenade for $ 300. This grenade throwing is similar to any other weapon of the same line and it will create a cloud of smoke in about 25 seconds.

How to use smoke grenades in the game Free Fire

Smoke grenades are essential in many shooters, with the exception of the battle royale genre. The reason may be that they are not very effective on large maps.

How to use smoke grenades in the game Free Fire

Free Fire’s smoke grenades are more useful than you might think due to the player’s innate reaction to cease fire when an enemy is out of sight. You can throw them to cover an area that is reviving your teammates or heal yourself because enemies usually don’t shoot in the smoke.

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The area uses smoke grenades in Free Fire

The smoke from grenades also disables automatic targeting. Therefore, the enemy will have to manually drag the cursor to aim when you are in smoke. If they’re not used to it, you can definitely gain the upper hand or escape easily.

How to use a smoke grenade in Clash Squad is simple

You can also use Smoke Grenade to initiate a fight or refuse to fight because the enemy is always hesitant to enter the smoke. You can enter the smoke zone, move and shoot at opponents.

The above is instructions on how to use smoke grenades in Clash Squad in the game Free Fire. If you know any other game tips, please share with offline!

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