Free Fire: How to own Chrono with only 100 diamonds

Cách nhận nhân vật Chrono trong Free Fire

The most anticipated character in Free Fire, Chrono finally appeared in the game for only 100 diamonds. Here it is How to own the Chrono character of Free Fire with 100 diamonds.

How to get Chrono character in Free Fire

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Operation Chrono series started 2 weeks ago with many attractive prizes. As the event closes, Free Fire finally includes Chrono in the award options. In addition, you also have the opportunity to receive many other valuable rewards like emote Victor, even Chrono Bounty Hunter package. The article will give you event details on how to get Chrono at the lowest price.

How to own the Chrono character in Free Fire

From December 19 to December 25, Free Fire gives a once-in-a-lifetime chance for players to own an Operation character in the game, Chrono, during the Top-up event. All you need is to load 100 diamonds. The list of rewards and how to get them in the Free Fire Top-Up event are as follows:

  • Load 100 diamonds for a Chrono.
  • Load 300 diamonds for emote Victor.
  • Load 500 gems for the Chronos Bounty Hunter Bundle

After loading the required diamonds, click on the Operation Chrono event banner, go to the section Obtain Chrono and get the prize you want.

Chrono's special ability

Information about Chrono in Free Fire

Every character in Free Fire has different abilities and Chrono is no exception. He has Time Tuner – a skill stronger than many other characters. According to Garena, the game version of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo can create a force field that not only reduces damage, but also increases the speed of the ally’s movement.

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At level 8, Chrono can improve the speed inside the force field by 30% while the cooldown is 45 seconds. Compared to Alok, Chrono has the advantage of more power.

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