Free Fire: Get many “terrible” goods with Hacker Store

In the series of events 3 years of great play, 3rd birthday of Free Fire, Garena continuously launched interesting activities on the sidelines to create conditions for gamers to have the opportunity to receive valuable gifts.

Among them can not not mention the word minigame Hacker Shop, just spend the minimum 9 diamondsPlayers will be able to bring back their lockers unique items. Please refer to the article below to know how to join this minigame.

Step 1: You start the game Free Fire up. At the main interface, click on the item Events then select the minigame Hacker Shop. Next, press Immediately penetrate.

Immediately penetrate

Step 2: In Hacker Shop, you will see 2 types of solutions: Main Prize and Extra prize

Choose your prize

Main Prize include MP40 Technology, Pretty Rabbit, MP5 eyes of death, M1014 Streamer, Elegant Scar, Kendo

Extra prize Action includes a variety of assistants like Fox Action, Panda Action, Robo Action, Shiba Action, Ottero Action.

Please choose for yourself 1 Main Prize and 1 Extra Prize then press Confirm.

Step 3: Click confirm again to confirm the gift you want to receive

Press confirm

Step 4: Here, you will need 9 diamonds to win

Bonus spins

If the lucky god smiles at you on the first turn, you will receive 1 of 2 main rewards. Otherwise, you will have to spend more diamonds for the next turn.

Rewards that you have won will be locked, giving you closer access to your main reward.

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