Free Fire: Biography, skills and gameplay, Kapella – Patronus Song

Kapella is a female character with a beautiful face and cute appearance in Free Fire. Let learn about this character through the following article.

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Free Fire: Biography, skills and gameplay, Kapella – Patronus Song

Information about Kapella

Kapella is a Korean born female singer. Some basic information about this character:

  • Name: Kapella
  • Nationality: South Korea
  • Year old: 21
  • Date of birth: July 17
  • Job: K-pop singer
  • Interests: Shopping, going to charity, listening to rap music.

From a young age, Kapella has liked to sing and showed a special talent for pop music. Her family is very supportive of this, but they do not care what Kapella wants but simply want to be famous thanks to their daughter. With her singing talent, she is sought after by many companies and helped her become famous. However, when thinking about, Kapella chose to form a separate group, separated from the company and family. From this moment on, she officially became a true professional singer.

Kapella is a girl with a lot of positive energy, always cheerful and optimistic no matter the circumstances. She also always cares about and helps others and completes her work in the best way. And of course, Kapella also pays great attention to clothes and fashion. Her aim is to be the most famous star in the world.

Kapella’s skills and gameplay

In Free Fire, Kapella has a skill called Khuc Cao Trao. This is a buff skill that will help Kapella’s teammates recover more when using healing skills and items, and reduce the rate of blood loss on kills.

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Based on Kapella’s skill set, the gameplay also needs flexibility and creativity to improvise in each match. Better yet, player Kapella should choose a backline position to heal his teammates.

I wish you success with Kapella!

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