Free Epic Games Stranger Things 3 and AER: Memories of Old

Stranger Things 3 và Aer: Memories of Old miễn phí trên Epic Games Store

Continuing the free game giveaway program, this time Epic Games Store brings Aer: Memories of old, a beautiful adventure game about the process of transforming into a bird and discovering strange, ancient floating islands. .

Stranger Things 3 and Aer: Memories of Old are free on the Epic Games Store

Accompanying it is Stranger Things 3, a retro action-adventure game that promises “familiar events in the series” with new characters, quests, and secrets. Players can fight against the “team forces of the Upside Down” as one of 12 characters from the series. In addition, Stranger Things 3 also supports co-op play.

In Aer: Memories of Old, you play as a girl named Auk who has the ability to transform in the land of the ancient gods. The game has been out for a few years, but the game’s graphics will make you admire.

The two games are currently on the Epic Games Store for free until July 2. After that, the survival MMO Conan Exiles and the watercolor puzzle adventure game Hue will be free next.

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