Fortnite suddenly surpassed PUBG in terms of total players

Forrnite belong to Epic Games created a wave of excitement (and controversy) in the community shooting game from the very first days of its release. After only a few months, the game achieved huge results thanks to its popularity. In the latest tweet, the developers revealed the number of players Fortnite Battle Royale has exceeded 20 million.


Of course, this number is calculated by Epic Games on the total number of people who have played the game since its opening until now, not the number of people who log in to play at the same time. In fact, the game will be quite difficult to play since about 1 million people are logged in.


But anyway, this is still a respectable number for a new game launched from July this year. Even Overwatch It also took 5 months to reach this number last year. For Fortnite, this game only took 3 months, the growth is really impressive. Currently Fortnite versions are available for multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Xbox One. The free version is expected to launch next year. If you haven’t played Fortnite yet, you can download it free games directly here:


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