Florentino build guide: how to build the strongest items, runes and badges

Gamers are probably not too familiar with Florentino, the general who created the famous TikTok trend “And this is Florentino” for a while. In the game Arena of Valor, Florentino is a hero loved by many gamers because of his ability to create mutant highlights and class. If you have fallen in love with this hero’s pompous gameplay, players can refer to how to build Florentino in the article below.

Possessing a mobile skill set and a huge amount of damage, Florentino is a champion that is not easy for players to use proficiently. With the way to build items, gems and standard badges for Florentino, gamers can climb the rank very quickly with this most pompous swordsman of Arena of Valor.

florentino build guide how to do it

Instructions on how to build, add gems and badges for Florentino

1. Florentino build guide: how to build items, gem board

1.1. Equip Florentino Arena of Valor

– Spear of Longinus: As a good starter item, it adds health, cooldown, and armor damage to Florentino.

– Resilient shoes: As a mobile champion, Florentino is quite afraid of champions with a lot of hard crowding effects. The armor and effect resistance of this equipment will help Florentino “flirt” very well in combat.

– Sword complex: Not only adding mutant damage to Florentino, this item also has many suitable stats for this champion.

– Troy Medal: Protects Florentino from champions with high magic damage, allowing gamers to play with more confidence when “dancing” in combat.

– Fenrir’s fangs: Helps optimize Florentino’s maximum damage.

– Guardian armor: An important late-game item, giving Florentino a respawn so he can continue to deal damage in important teamfights.

Equipment according to the situation:

– Transcendental spear: Instead of health and cooldown like Longinus Spear, this item increases out-of-combat mobility, making it perfect for Florentino to gank for early kills.

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– Lost Shield: An extremely effective defensive equipment when Florentino solos with champions who possess attack speed and great physical damage.

how to do for florentino

1.2. Gem board for Florentino Arena of Valor

+ 10 Red Gems: Increases crit rate/crit damage
+ 10 Purple Gems Increase physical damage, movement speed
+ 10 Blue Gems: Increase physical damage, armor penetration

1.3. Summoner Spells

– Express: Gives Florentino more movement speed to chase enemies and escape combat.
– Explosive: Make sure Florentino can solo or weigh 2 and 3 in the early game.

1.4. Order of skill enhancement

Passive – Outstanding:

– Assault: When leaving combat, Florentino’s next basic attack dashes to enemies, dealing 80 + (8 per level) (+1.25 bonus attack damage) physical damage, and slowing the enemy. 70% enemy for 0.5 seconds. Your next basic attack deals 20% more damage. Raiding an enemy champion heals Florentino for 85 + (7 per level) (+ 1.0 bonus AD) health.
– Sword Set: After launching Raid, Florentino briefly dashes, immune to all crowd control effects, and gains 50% movement speed for 0.5 seconds.

Skill 1 – Pride: Florentino launches a flower at an enemy, dealing 280/320/360400/440/480 (+1.2 bonus Attack Damage) physical damage, stunning the enemy for 0.75 seconds.

Hitting an enemy will spawn three flowers for 5 seconds. Picking up the flower heals him for 100 mana, and also restores Strike’s passive for his next basic attack.

Gamers should raise 1 point Skill 1 at the top level and the ultimate max lift.

Skill 2 – Flower reward: Florentino hurls three hits of his magic sword at an enemy, dealing true damage equal to 4% + (0.01 bonus Attack Damage) of the enemy’s maximum health per cast. At the end of the move, you can use Sword Step, if you hit an enemy champion, it will reduce the cooldown of Pompous go 1 second.

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Flower Bonus: Deals 300/380/460/540/620/700 physical damage.
+ Protector: Deals 300/380/460/540/620/700 physical damage and knocks up 0.75 seconds.
+ Khai Hoa: Throws sword twice dealing 250/300/350/400/450/500 physical damage per sword.

Maximum lifting Skill 2 First to optimize Florentino’s damage.

Last move – Talent: Florentino rushes forward, duel the first champion hit. For the next 5 seconds, he deals 20% more damage to his targets and reduces their armor by 15/20/25%.

How do I get banged up for florentino

During this time, Florentino is immune to all crowd control effects and takes 50% less damage from enemies who are not dueled. If you kill an enemy, take 20 permanent physical damage, stacking up to 10 times.

Last hit Raise to the right level.

2. How to play Florentino Arena of Valor

Early game, with summoner spells Explosive and Skill 1 allows Florentino to push lane and clear monsters quickly to get to level 2 early and poke the opponent.

After clearing the minions, try to control the Reconnaissance Bird to give your team vision inside the enemy jungle. Choosing the right time to launch the combo will help Florentino finish the Detective Bird before the risk of being robbed by the opponent.

In the mid game, Florentino will be a champion with enough power to crush the opponent’s squad. To use Skill 2 – Flower Reward in the most optimal way, try to pick up 1 out of 3 flowers to activate Sword Set.

florentino build by man

Maintain pressure to push your lane, then if you have time, move quickly to other lanes to support and find overwhelming opportunities in teamfights.

Gradually towards the end of the game, Florentino’s power will decrease somewhat compared to the middle of the game. However, if you are an experienced player, use your skills correctly and know when to get out of combat, you can still play this champion well.

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Besides Florentino, Zuka is also one of the best champions that many people love to use, especially in ranked and tournament play. If you do not know how to play Zuka and map Zuka, readers can refer to the instructions in the article below and follow the steps.

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3. Generals who counter Florentino Arena of Valor

– Lubo

Possessing the ability to control and put damage quickly at level 1, Lu Bu will make Florentino difficult to exchange skills. In addition, Lu Bu’s ultimate can heal a significant amount and, when activated enough, is a stiff counter to Florentino’s ultimate.

– Laurie

Lauriel possesses a standard damage skill set that will also be a formidable opponent for Florentino. In addition, Lariel’s mobility with skill 1 and skill 2 is also a way to counter Florentino. Be careful to avoid getting a kite by Lauriel when solo 1 vs 1 with this champion.

Thus, Emergenceingames.com has introduced to readers how to build Florentino, map and standard jade table. Hopefully with the above suggestions, gamers can practice proficiently Florentino and create beautiful highlights in Arena of Valor. And with this tutorial, you probably already know what Florentino is and why there is a trend of “And this is Florentino” on TikTok already.

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