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FIFA Online 4: How to use Team Color?

Team Color is a new and quite interesting feature on FIFA Online 4. By opening lots of these “locks”, your players will increase their stats, and your team will be much stronger.

In FO4, there is an interesting feature called Team Color, which allows players to increase the power of a player’s line in their tactics. But because this is a new feature, many people still do not understand how to activate and use Team Color in football game Fifa Online 4.

What is Team Color in Fifa Online 4?

Literally speaking, Team Color is a feature that when activated will add to your players a certain stat. This stat will be increased forever for players received while that Team Color is active. But if you want to enable this feature, players need to “sacrifice” 5 other players with a total score of 60 or more.

Features of Team Color:

  • Team Color does not add points for all players, but only players in a certain row
  • Points are added fixed, forever and corresponding to the playing position of that player
  • Open as many Team Color as stronger team
  • Each Team Color represents one ability (ball competition, long shot, reflexes, speed …)

Activate Team Color in FIFA Online 4

Step 1: After download and install FIFA Online 4 game On the computer, you launch the game, from the main interface, select three dash icon (Ranking team) and select next Team Color.

Team Color

Step 2: Team Color list appears, you can see there are many teams here. Each team will represent and add points for a certain player’s ability.

Long pass

For example:

  • Choose Real Madrid (Lv1): Midfielders (MF – Midfielder) is awarded 1 point Long pass
  • Choose MU: Players of the forwards line (FW – Forward) is added 1 point Power


Or if you choose Shakhtar Donestk, striker player will be added 1 point Acceleration again.


Step 3: Select down item Techmart – Transfer market to Buy a player.


BECAUSE we need to “sacrifice” 5 players with total stats of 60 or more, so buy in Transfer market is the most reasonable because it is fast, cheap and very convenient.

You can also request and purchase a bulk player card by clicking on it Arrow sign icon direction up to increase Quantity purchased you need to use.

Choose quantity

Step 4: Return to the Team Color interface, here, you choose a skill you want to enhance for the player and then choose to continue. Establish.


Step 5: One by one click on the cards the players have bought from Techmart to use. Select finished click on the item Finish under.Use

When successfully activated a Team Color it will look like below. Can choose Skip to activate one after another or return to the main interface to use.


How to use Team Color in FIFA Online 4

Step 1: After successful activation, you return to the main interface of Team Color at first and choose to tab Formation.


Step 2: Here you will see a list of your players, their position on the field along with the Team Color “locks” that you have opened.


Step 3: To use which key, just tick tick the box Besides that is okay. You can also see when used, all the players corresponding to that key will has more icons next.

As in the picture below is an example of 3 Team Color that gamers activate to add points for their forwards, including: Power – Acceleration and Speed.


If you check that player on the list of players, as can also be seen in the details, the player’s respective stats have been added 1 point.


In online games in general and football management games in particular, the player’s strength will determine the strength of the team. Therefore, if you are a coach, you will certainly not be able to ignore features such as player upgrades, card squeezing, team formation and choosing a reasonable strategy.

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