FIFA 2020 launches mobile version

FIFA 2020 launches the mobile version as soon as the FIFA 20 PC version officially hits the shelves. Thus, the big man EA shows his ambition to destroy all gaming platforms with his sports blockbuster. FIFA 2020 Mobile is currently only a beta version with a few features allowing early experience.

EA has officially launched the beta version of FIFA 2020 for the mobile platform, which is good news for FIFA fans if they do not have enough computer configuration requirements to be able to play the version that requires configuration. high image on computer.

fifa 2020 released on mobile phones

FIFA 2020 launches mobile version

You can download the beta version on your phone or computer using the versions below:

– Load FIFA 2020 Mobile for iPhone.
– Load FIFA 2020 Mobile for Android.
– Load FIFA 2020 Mobile for phones.

FIFA 2020 Mobile is currently only a beta that allows early access with limited features. With the release of this beta, EA hopes to continue to improve the game better before releasing the full version. Through user reviews and suggestions, EA will make appropriate upgrades, changes and additions when the beta period ends.

fifa 2020 release mobile version 2

The beta currently offers 4 modes including the usual Classic 1v1, Attack mode, Head to Head mode and kick mode with AI. All modes have rewards when the player wins. There are also some points gamers need to know about this beta:

– Players using iOS devices must play through Test Flight, download TestFlight for iPhone

– The beta version does not have a transfer market, is expected to be released when the beta ends.

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– All kinds of assets such as shoes, balls … are available when the beta is released and will be updated continuously.

– Achievements and rewards will not be carried over to subsequent seasons.

– Players in the top bottom will not be promoted but are allowed to exchange to help the squad improve.

– The game has a ranking system, players need to compete to earn promotion points to receive rewards.
Do not hesitate any longer, quickly download the game according to the links above and start experiencing FIFA 2020, building up your own style team right away. In addition, if you own a high-configuration computer, you can download and play FIFA 20 for PC. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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