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FIFA 18 was boycotted by players for ‘blood sucking’

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FIFA 18 is being boycotted by players due to EA’s unreasonable use of microtransactions. EA had a similar problem with Star Wars Battlefront 2, and now it’s repeating itself with FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode.

In an online campaign called #FixFIFA, nearly 25,000 FIFA 18 gamers signed a petition not to participate in the game’s Black Friday sale due to the game’s problems with gameplay and in-game purchases. Complaints from players seem to be mainly due to patch 1.04 of FIFA 18, in this update EA has made many changes to the game and these changes have angered the community.

Although FIFA 18 received a fairly positive response at its launch (we called it “the best FIFA game of the past few years” in our review), the above petition reflects that FIFA 18 has changed. changed to “FIFA 17.2” due to EA’s mechanism change. Those changes angered the community and demanded that EA return FIFA 18 as it was. Up to now, the EA side has not yet responded to this wave of criticism.

Besides, the game’s microtransaction system is also suffering a lot of bricks. YouTuber Goran Popovic had a lengthy thread on Reddit discussing the imbalance of Ultimate Team mode when it comes to unfairness against players who don’t make a deposit. Although Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode of the FIFA series, many players believe that the opening rate of good players in FIFA 18 is much lower than in previous FIFA versions.

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In Ultimate Team mode, players use coins or FIFA points to buy player packs, similar to the chest mechanism in games like CS:GO. The content of the pack is random, so players who invest a lot of money to earn good players may not earn it, on the contrary, they may also suffer from “lost money”. Popovic said that he and his friends spent $500 to buy the package, and out of that only one good player.

In the post #FixFIFA summarizing the changes the community wants EA to make with FIFA 18, many players have also criticized the game’s microtransaction system. User PuRe_SSROCK wrote: “Player packages are completely dependent on luck and have a very low percentage of good players, sometimes you only spend $1.50 but you can open the best player in the game, sometimes you invest both thousand dollars and get nothing. The players with the best lineups in the game usually spend at least $8,000 to build that squad, and this is a ridiculous number, especially with a series of games that release new releases every year like FIFA.”

EA used to receive criticism for the microtransaction system in Star Wars Battlefront 2, last November was a headache month for EA when they had to deal with the same problem with FIFA 18. Currently, many FIFA players are complaining. boycotted the game’s Black Friday sale and was determined not to buy any player packages until EA changed, while the #FixFIFA campaign is attracting more and more media attention as well as gaining more and more media attention. the support of many YouTubers.

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