Fever “OMG” game on Facebook and how to play

Game on Facebook There are many genres, most of the above types of games Facebook This is a mini game with many genres such as puzzle, reflex training, action, card game … And there is a kind of game with a very strange genre, that is to guess your future through many questions. different.

This category has been shared by many users through the results that the game comments on users, for example, in old age what will you do, how old will you die, 5 facts about you … very There are many things that players can see and guess what their future is like or what their reality is like.

Recently, Facebook users suddenly shared with each other an attractive game named “OMG”This is a game genre that predicts the future or things about Facebook users. Includes a series of “bullshit games” that predict the future, facts about who you are, what you were born to …

It is identical to the guessing game genre like the user has played before, the game will guess but it is irrelevant. Or even do not need any information from users but still give some information about the future or tell your personality, tell the truth about who you are. How to play the game “OMG” on Facebook you can see below this post.

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Instructions to play the game “OMG” on Facebook

Step 1: Open Facebook, find keywords OMG on Facebook’s search bar. Scroll down and select OMG under Application.

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OMG Facebook

If you can’t find the page on your Facebook phone look for the keyword OMG on Facebook on a computer browser. Then scroll down and press Play now in OMG.

OMG Facebook

Step 2: Then you can see above Facebook Messenger will appear OMG’s dialogue, accompanied by mini games that OMG suggests to you in the form of questions. Click Play to perform download game to play.

OMG FacebookOMG Facebook

Next, OMG will give answers about yourself or your future, or you will be able to choose some information that the Mini game gives each sentence. After that, synthesize and conclude, the answer is always very humorous but equally bullshit when there is no scientific basis at all.

OMG FacebookOMG Facebook

The purpose of these responses is for users to share with their friends and relatives to relieve stress and satisfy curiosity. Currently, OMG is still being continuously shared by netizens and there is still no sign of stopping.

OMG FacebookOMG Facebook

If you want to customize sending notifications from OMG, you can click on the three horizontal bar icon in the upper left corner of the screen, in addition to the option to receive messages from OMG You can also share via Facebook Messenger or love that game.

OMG Facebook

Obviously, these entertaining games have been shared by Facebook netizens with many funny answers about themselves or those that connect with friends. Many types of mini games like this have been shared via Facebook via an external web link.

But this is the first time that Facebook has launched a game like a collection of mini-games on OMG for users, helping players satisfy their curiosity about themselves or their friends around them. If you find that the “words” in OMG are uncomfortable and not true, remember that this is just a game, the content in the game is for entertainment and fun purposes only.

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