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Fans were shocked to learn that Pikachu has evolved into “Gorochu”

Recently in an interview with Yomiuri Publishing, the first designers of Pokemon sat together and shared about the first memories with this legendary game series. Opening the interview, artist Atsuko Nishida – who is famous for creating images Pikachu popular until now, it was immediately revealed that she designed this adorable Pokemon in the shape of a squirrel.


But that’s still not the most shocking secret that Nishida and her colleagues revealed in the interview. Soon after, she and Pokemon’s then art director Ken Sugimori shocked us even more when they said that Pikachu could almost evolve to a higher level. Raichu.


That last level of evolution that Pikachu will be able to reach is Gorochu. While Raichu’s “Rai” is Japanese for “Thunder”, “Goro-Goro” refers to the roaring sound caused by storms. This leads to the reason the developers chose the name Gorochu. But it is not worth mentioning if but Mrs. Nishida does not reveal that Gorochu will have a much more fierce appearance than Pikachu or Raichu because it will grow both fangs as well as a whole set of horns.

Atsuko Nishida shared.


As if making fans more stunned, Mr. Sugimori also said the removal of the image Gorochu from the game before its release stemmed from the problem of gameplay balance, not at all in appearance. For many people this is probably a completely right decision because perhaps the image of Pikachu will be much less lovely and cute if we know this Pokemon can grow those creepy parts.

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