Fallout 76 was boycotted by cat lovers just for this reason

Fallout 76 is an upcoming multiplayer online action role-playing game developed by Bethesda, the game developer recently revealed some specific content related to the game. Gamers can exploit a lot of useful information, but a small wave of dissatisfaction with the new news is revealed because they discovered, the cats in Fallout 76 only have a role to play. exist as human food.


The setting of the time series in Fallout 76, 25 years later, was completely destroyed by world nuclear war, in the game there are no NPC movements, only cooperation between the games. player or player-versus-gamer combat. In the description of the creatures, we can find out that in this abandoned world, although there is a cat, it is not possible to attract or nurture it, but instead we can only do one thing is kill them then make food. Such a setting in the game has caused a stir with cat-loving gamers, who indignantly declare: “the relationship between cats and humans shouldn’t be like that!” and urged the gaming community to boycott this game of Bethesda.


Although Bethesda did not directly designate cats as human food in Fallout 76, the above is enough to provoke a part of cat-loving “tribes”. In such a wasteland where it is difficult to survive and survive, people can still fight and kill each other just to compete for resources in the game, let alone a cat, but perhaps still have to be careful. with cat-loving gamers like this.


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