Fall in love with the insanely beautiful graphics of the future Final Fantasy

Along with the general development of technology, the graphics in the game have also had a remarkable “evolution”, giving players a more realistic feeling with more beautiful frames. The turn these graphic background newly born, breaking the limit that people create themselves, gradually blurring the boundary between real and virtual. Following the rapid development of technology, yesterday 4/9, Square Enix released a demo to introduce its brand new Graphics Technology. Every detail and expression depicted in the video is sure to make viewers gasp in amazement.

Remember in 2015, Square Enix surprised the gaming industry when showing off the Witch Chapter 0 test [cry]showing the power of Luminous Engine – Exclusive graphics background of the company. Luminous Engine is then applied to the design Final Fantasy XV, one of the role-playing games with crazy beautiful graphics in the world today. Now, Square Enix’s future goes even further with the launch of its successor – Back Stage.


Created by Luminous Productions, a subsidiary of Square Enix, the demo demonstrates how amazingly the Back Stage can handle ray-tracing technology in real time. Every detail and expression is depicted very vividly, far beyond the level of realism that players have ever experienced in the game. Final Fantasy XV.

Furthermore, Nvidia says this demo currently only uses GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards to record. In a few years, when the Back Stage is completed, the technology world also has a new development with many top-notch graphics cards, the image quality will certainly be much more shimmering.


In addition to the demo, Square Enix has not revealed any plans in the future, what will it use this technology platform for? However, according to experts’ predictions, it is likely that Back Stage was created to serve the development of the next post-production of the popular Final Fantasy series. If that’s the case, Final Fantasy 16 It will definitely be the blockbuster with the most terrible graphics ever of the game village.​

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