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Mobile today no longer has the “pseudo-PVP” mechanics like before where gamers always have to fight bots holding real people’s nicks. Mobile today is full of real-time multiplayer products, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in true gunfights with other players. The tension, the drama… growling each other little by little, always providing a unique experience.

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And Squad Conflicts – Title shooting game The third-person perspective has just launched Mobile after a long time of Beta testing, which is a prime example of that. Ensuring gamers both real and hot gunfights, Squad Conflicts is becoming the most notable online multiplayer game in the mobile gaming industry at the moment. Therefore, readers should not ignore this game and head straight to the end of the article to receive the download link from now on.


Without using the mechanism of hiding behind passive obstacles, without limiting the player’s movement mechanism, Squad Conflicts focuses directly on real-life gunfights spanning many different modes. There you can immerse yourself in the Death Match battles with the number of Kills, Con Quests with the goal of gaining points or “treasure hunts” with Treasure Hunter… Each mode is a unique style, satisfying the thirst. Pure action and tactical coordination with other gamers.


Squad Conflicts also owns a massive weapon system, spread from pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, ARs or SRs… for gamers to “mix” together with unique combos. In addition, gamers can also activate weapons with each class of soldiers such as the ability to place gun turrets to corner or hold the enemy team.

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Squad Conflicts is now available on the Android platform after a long period of testing since late last year, ready for readers to download this game for free right now:

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