Do you know the top best places to loot items in Free Fire yet?

Weapons provided in the Battle Royale game, including Garena Free Fire survival shooting game, have a chance to spawn randomly in certain locations on the map. That means it is not possible to have the same sniper rifle in the same position in every match. However, you can land in locations with the most loot spawns, which will indirectly bring higher rates to find the player’s favorite weapon.

Where should I loot the map on the map in Free Fire?

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There are 3 maps in Free Fire: Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari. Each map has unique drop points for sourcing quality weapons and supplies. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best locations for finding the best quality loot in Free Fire.

1. Stone Ridge in Kalahari

Stone Ridge location in Kalahari

Dangerous density – Medium

Stone Ridge is a place to stay Kalahari, with many well-equipped homes. Since there are so many loot here, it automatically increases your chances of getting good weapons and supplies for yourself and your teammates. Also, the place’s scenic beauty fascinates the player, and sets the mood for the match.

2. Brasilia in Purgatory

Brasilia location

Dangerous density – High

Brasilia is a loot loot spot in the map Purgatory and has the best loot quality. There are a considerable number of houses here, which is a convenient way to collect more loot in a short amount of time. Be wary of the enemy, though, as there are many people who will land in this position. Therefore, you may be ambushed if you are not careful with your position and vision. So this is a high risk loot point in Free Fire.

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3. Mars Electric in Bermuda

Mars Electric location

Dangerous density – Medium

Mars Electric is the landing point in the map Bermuda, where has the best loot quality in Free Fire. The location is quite airy and spacious, so if you land faster than your enemy you will get pretty good loot. This will help eliminate nearby enemies and have a solid start to the game.

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