Do you know how to buy skins and pets in Among Us yet?

Come to Among UsPlayers not only perform arid missions in each map, but in addition, they can also put on their characters beautiful outfits and hairstyles to stand out from the characters. Other, you can even let your character “take” with a lovely pet.

There is a point to note if playing Among Us PC version via Steam, some items are available for free but if played Among US Mobile version, most items will have to spend money to own. If you do not know how to buy skin and pet in Among UsYou can refer to the instructions below of the Funny Game.

Step 1: At the main interface of Among Us, please click on the icon $ to access the list of skins and pets.

Press the $ symbol

Step 2: Next, you will see a list of different skins and pets with different prices, ranging from 22000 to 70000 VND. Please choose for yourself the one you like best.

List of skins and pets

Step 3: Each skin will have enough clothes and hats for that skin. You click on the price to proceed to buy the skin. For example, here this skin will cost 45000 VND.

Buy skin

Step 4: Next, please confirm your payment


Step 5: Finally, enter the password icloud and press Continue to login and complete billing information. In case you have linked your game account to any e-wallet, the payment will be faster and easier.

ICloud password

After payment, you will see the skin and pet that you just bought appear in stock.

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