Diablo 4 shares the game’s story, multiplayer, and open world

Diablo 4 chia sẻ cốt truyện, multiplayer và thế giới mở của game

Diablo 4 has just been officially updated by Blizzard with more information, to talk about the recent development roadmap, as well as how the challenges they face during the COVID-19 epidemic. This new update doesn’t have any major announcements (no release date yet), but we do get to know more about the game’s system, including multiplayer, and some of the changes they’ll be making to the story.

Diablo 3 relies on “boxes with pictures of characters and names” to converse with NPCs, but Diablo 4 will take a more complex approach.

“Along with simple interactions with NPCs, we brought the camera closer to the character (while maintaining a top-down view) and used a library of movements to make dialogue choices,” explains Blizzard. . “For more complex conversations, we use the same camera angle, but the movements and movements of the characters will be more varied. This allows us to deliver more complex story moments while immersing you in the game world as much as possible.”

Diablo 4 shares the game's story, multiplayer, and open world

During key plot moments, Blizzard also uses “real-time cutscenes” to control the game’s camera, in order to create animated cinematic footage. This allows for a more intimate experience: your character will appear in the armor and weapon you are equipped with, and the game will have the current resolution and graphics configuration from the machine.”

In terms of multiplayer, Blizzard says their big goal is to bring together shared worlds, not bring them to a completely separate MMO area. The idea is that when you see other players, they’ll join, too, so the world feels less dangerous.

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“Dungeons and key moments are private: only players and party groups share. Once the plot moments are complete and the towns turn into social zones, you’ll meet several people in town. Along the way, you sometimes encounter a player this or that. And finally, if you go to a location where a world event is happening, you will see a group of people trying to fend off an attack from a legion of monsters, or try to defeat Ashava, the demon boss we introduced. at BlizzCon.”

Blizzard also emphasizes that “coordination helps,” specifically during world events, but it’s not necessary to join a party: You can wander, help, get rewards, and then move on, if that’s the case. is how you want to play. “We thought about how uninterrupted play works in multiplayer and found a way to share it with you. In the current test, the world feels more alive, but without losing the Diablo touch. And players want to party against Hell’s army, we have new tools to find groups, based on activity or distance in the game world.”

The update also talks about open-world elements, items, and leveling up, but they’re far from complete: The feeling in the latest game is that everything is going well,. but not in alpha or beta stage yet. “We don’t publicly discuss early milestones in development, but the team thought it was particularly important to share the process during the year without BlizzCon,” Blizzard said.

Diablo 4 was announced last year at BlizzCon, the event won’t happen this year. The new update doesn’t say anything about a release date, but game director Luis Barriga warns it won’t be announced anytime soon.

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