Details of the most complete Free Fire OB39 update

The next Free Fire OB39 update is coming, the changes have already begun to be confirmed by developer Garena. Expected to be released on March 22, 2023, Free Fire version OB39 promises to bring structural changes to the character system and Assistants.

Session Free Fire OB38 update was released last month bringing many modes, adjustments, weapon balance …. most especially still the appearance of a new character with the ability to teleport. Fans have been looking forward to the OB39 version since signing up for the Free Fire activation code.

Free fire ob39's details

What’s new in the Free Fire OB39 Update?

Free Fire OB39 update release date

Currently, the developers are allowing gamers to register to play Free Fire OB39 Advance Server on Start downloading the Free Fire OB39 APK at 10am on March 10, 2023, the test time is about 2 weeks. So The official release date of Free Fire OB39 version is March 22, 2023 across servers.

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Detailed content of the Free Fire OB39 update

1. Changed the character system in Update FF OB39
– Garena wishes to bring a major overhaul to the character system in this version, they believe that the best part of the game is the ability to combine the player’s character skills, depending on the role in the team. that the user combines, making the character unique. To reinforce this, Garena will make this system more accessible to everyone.

2. Gold direct character skill unlock
– You didn’t hear me wrong, the rules for unlocking complex character skills have been removed, including the BOND system. Players now use Gold earned through matches to unlock skills.

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3. Character skills and PET have no degrees.
– All players can now have the same experience without upgrading.

4. Adjustment, skill balance
– Skill adjustments and balances to prevent some skills from becoming too strong for others, reducing the variety of Free Fire gamers’ gameplay. This optimization will also continue for the next Garena updates to Free Fire.

5. System recommends using skills, Free Fire skill combos for new players
– Garena has also added tags for each skill so you can filter based on your role in the team. The new system helps you combine them together more conveniently, easier to understand. There will also be instructional videos for you to visualize the use and strategy that each skill can bring in battle.

details you update free fire ob39
Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale style FPS game on Android and iOS, the game constantly has new and groundbreaking updates so that players do not get bored, the Free Fire OB39 update is not school. exception case.

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