Details of the latest League of Legends 10.18 update

In the near future then version 10.17 League of Legends will be officially launched at the main server, then at server LOL PBE information has already begun to leak League of Legends 10.18 With a lot of changes, champion power ups and downs as well as new Skin skins appear. Specifically, the costume line PsyOps also known by the name Special Agent X-Men. The names to be featured in this time are 5 members Shen, Sona, Master Yi, Vi, and Ezreal and new skin Hextech Ziggs.

What’s new in the arena of Truth 10.17?

What’s new in League of Legends 10.17?

Along with the clothing line, Ezreal will be the next face to have a branded skin design and become the champion with the most skins League of Legends with 14 skins. It’s interesting, isn’t it! Let EmergenceInGame refer specifically to the upcoming 10.18 League of Legends version!

League of Legends version 10.18
League of Legends version 10.18

1. Update details of League Of Legends 10.18 update on PBE

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter (the lead designer for Riot Games‘ League of Legends game):

League Of Legends 10.18 Patch Notes

  • Ngoc Ho Ve nerfed, this is a balancing act for the support position because it takes too much advantage over quite a few supports.
  • With Sett on late game, Riot wanted to switch from moving towards tanker equipment to having more physical dame items. This causes him to lack the versatility of teamfights but is more powerful in 1 vs 1 matchups.

2. List of champions edited, balanced by strength

Some champions reduced – Strength nerf in LOL 10.18:


  • Passive Skills: Your second attack deals an additional 5 – 90 (+ 15% attack damage) to 5-90 (+ 50% damage)
  • Skill Damage Q: 10 – 50 (+1 – 5% max HP) (1% per 100 attacks) to 10 – 50 (+2 – 3.6% per 100 attacks)
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  • Base attack damage 61 to 59


  • Shield from Passive Skill 70 – 121 to 60 – 111


  • Skill Q’s base damage: 80 – 220 to 70 – 210


  • HP per level 90 to 85
  • Armor per level 3.5 to 3.25

Champions increased – Strength buff in League of Legends 10.18:


  • Skill Q: This skill will not refund mana upon hitting champions
  • Skill W: Mana costs 70 – 110 to 90 – 130
  • Skill E: Cooldown 8 => 8-6 and Mana costs 50-70 => 0


  • Old passive skills have been removed: Whenever Ahri Hit 2 abilities on a champion within 1.5 seconds, she gains 20% movement speed for 3 seconds. Vastayan GraceThe intrinsic thief.
  • Whenever Ahri Attack the enemy with one of her skills, she will receive a charge point Essence Theft, and can get up to 3 stacks per skill use. Upon reaching 9 charges, her next skill hitting an enemy champion will heal her 30/60/90/180 (based on level) (+ 27% AP). (note that this is a massive heal instead of direct healing after each attack)
  • Skill Q: [ĐÃ LOẠI BỎ] New passive: Ahri receive cumulative points Essence Theft For each enemy hit by her skill, up to 3 stacks per use and up to 9 stacks at a time. While Ahri has 9 stacks Essence Theft, Consume stacks to heal Ahri in level 3/5/9/18 (based on level) (+ 9% AP) for each enemy hit instead of adding stacks.
  • Skill W: Hours increased 40% Movement Speed Decreases over 1.5 seconds, dealing 200% damage to minions below 20% health, cooldown: 9/8 / 7/6 / 5s Fort 10/9/8/7 / 6s, consumes 40 mana energy into 55 mana at all ranks
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  • Skill Q base damage: 80 – 240 to 90 – 250


  • Skill Q’s total damage: 175 – 315 to 180 – 340

Miss Fortune:

  • Attack Speed ​​per level 2.25% to 3%
  • Strut maximum movement speed 50 – 90 to 55 – 95


  • AP ratio per stack 20% to 33.33%
  • Reduced Skill R damage per unit hit -10% minimum damage reduction 40% to -5% minimum damage reduction 70%

Xin Zhao:

  • Skill W: first move base damage 30 – 70 to 48 – 80
  • W’s thrust 2nd move damage from 30 – 170 (+ 75% AD) to 40 – 180 (+ 80% AD)

3. Complementary magic

Burn is updated new image

Reduced noise of spells burning and make it clearer to recognize when it starts and when it is about to end.

4. Image changes for Malzahar, Nocturne and Viktor


Riot has increased the technical attractiveness of Malzahar, close his skills Nowhere than. They have a smoother, clearer purple, allowing you to become the master of yourself Nowhere like an artist.

Complete skill of Malzahar looks much clearer than before.


Nocturne will now look a lot more intimidating thanks to this update. His skills get a huge improvement in image quality, showing the radius he attacks.

If you are not having enough word nightmares Nocturne in solo queue mode, then you should be mentally prepared as they will increase 10x after these changes appear.


Viktor received some interesting upgrades to my stale skill set. Mechanical evolution has finally come to him. Upgrades skill E long outdated considering the level of aesthetics and detail hitbox before.

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5. Pictures of the PsyOps costume line – New X-Men Agent

PsyOps Shen:

Shen Special Agent Shen

PsyOps Master Yi:

Master Yi, Special Agent X-Men

PsyOps Ezreal & Prestij:

Branded Ezreal

PsyOps Vi:

Vi Special Agent X-Men

PsyOps Sona:

Sona Agent

Hextech Ziggs:

6. When will League of Legends 10.18 be released?

Patch LOL 10.18 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday (September 2, 2020) so these changes may not be finalized yet.

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