Darksiders Genesis drops new trailer, teases Knights of War version … rejuvenated

Right from the time of publication, the latest version Darksiders Genesis made fans extremely surprised by the unexpected “makeover”. Accordingly, the game will switch to a top-down perspective instead of a third-person perspective from behind the character. The combat mechanism revolves around swords, guns, magic and the loot collection feature makes gamers think a lot of the cult Diablo series.

In terms of plot, this 4th version will be a “turning upstream”, giving players a first look at the world. Darksiders before the events of season 1 take place. Darksiders Genesis opens up a large world both in terms of size and complex conflict relationships in the game. Here, angels do not quite represent Good and salvation, demons are not necessarily destroyers. Not only that, the game also appears a third faction – a council that just wants to maintain order, regardless of who wins or loses in the battle between good and evil.


Unlike previous games, Darksiders Genesis will introduce gamers to a “rejuvenated” version of War, when he has just become an apprentice knight and is still struggling to find the meaning of fighting to stay alive. maintain balance. War – the youngest of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse at this time is a much more reckless and wild warrior than the seasoned knight image in previous Darksiders games.

True to a young man, War is full of enthusiasm but also extremely hot-tempered and savage. Possessing the Chaoseater, a giant long sword with the ability to drain Chaos energy from the victim, War is ready to bathe the blood of his enemies even his own in bloody battles. Always by his side was Ruin, a steed that was both mighty and devilishly graceful with his black fur and fiery mane.


Darksiders Genesis allows players to choose between War, Strife – the last of the apocalyptic knights of the quartet, or side by side in co-op mode. War and Strife will have to set out to hunt down the Demon Masters, gather information, and work to stop a sinister plot capable of upsetting the balance forever and destroying all creation. If you are a melee gamer, War will be your right hand.

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Darksiders Genesis is scheduled to release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia later this year. Interested gamers can pre-order the game right now. Link to pre-order at THIS.​

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