DarkEden – Game about vampires suspected of plagiarizing PUBG

Recently, the MMORPG game from Korea is called DarkEden updated the battleroyale mode and claimed to be the first MMORPG to have it. DarkEden is a game developed by Softon, Softon also said that “Adding a mode found in FPS genres to an MMORPG, between PK battles of players would be really fun”.​​


The developer also revealed that in this update there will be a new game mode that is much more bloody. There players will be in a large area and fight for survival until the last person left, there will be 100 people to join you and fight for survival. Listening to this, you must be quite familiar with this game, right?

Yes, and it’s not just you, a lot of people have commented on whether this game is following PUBG no, because even the poster of the game is quite similar to PUBG, a Korean official said that the issue of plagiarism today is very sensitive, which only happens in China when there are dozens of “similar” games. PUBG is mushrooming every day, it’s unbelievable that a Korean game company can do that. And you, what are your thoughts before this update of the game?

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