Cytus II – The ultimate version of the mobile music game

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Even though I’m only familiar with the battlefield where bullets and bullets fly through the screen, the writer still has to be fascinated when I first get acquainted with it. Cytus – title music games from famous studio Rayark Inc. Bringing great melodies that drag the player to every note, Cytus is truly the best music game on the mobile market despite being released for many years.


Now that 2018 has just arrived, it is also time for Cytus to witness its new step. Yes, that is the announcement of the successor version Cytus IIpromises to once again pull players into the magical vortex of music and stories about the future world hidden behind it.

Trailer for the game Cytus II.


Based on the premise of the first version, Cytus II will add a lot of new elements to the gameplay system. There the game will have more types of notes with different operating mechanisms, requiring players to react and practice quickly on the screen. Along with that, the songs in the game will also be more colorful instead of just following the same style as before, helping players find their own “soul” in it.


Presently Cytus II There is no official release date yet, but perhaps Rayark will launch his darling in just a few months. When the game is officially released on Android and iOS, Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible.

In the meantime you can listen to the best songs of Cytus here:

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