Cyberpunk 2077: Ranking tattoos on faces

Character’s creator Cyberpunk 2077 offers players a lot of options, including tattoos. Let’s explore the rankings with The most unique tattoo in the game Cyberpunk 2077 Please!

Rank tattoo on the character’s face in Cyberpunk 2077

11. Tattoo number 6

Cyberpunk 2077 tattoo number 6

There is nothing to blame for this traditional tattoo. If you follow all the NPCs in Night City, you will see a lot of tattoos following this style. However, tattoo number 6 lacks color, making it completely faint in the collection. It only makes sense if V is 158 years old and never has time to refresh.

10. Tattoo number 10

Beautiful Cyberpunk 2077 tattoo

Night City has many professional guitarists tattooing this unique flower.

9. Tattoo number 3

Beautiful tattoo in Cyberpunk 2077

Do you like the black markings on the cheeks? Is this a tattoo or a mischief of V’s child?

8. Tattoo number 9

Poison tattoo in Cyberpunk 2077

This tattoo is a wonderful masterpiece when it combines gritty with futurism, teeth and coding.

7. Tattoo number 8

Strange tattoo in Cyberpunk 2077

The tattoo around the eyes really makes the character stand out.

6. Tattoo number 1

Unique tattoo in Cyberpunk 2077

A culturally inclined figure. It is a flashback to the Dragon era for many fans. If you decide to play Nomad, it’s hard to imagine which tattoo is better than this Dalish goblin-inspired choice.

5. Tattoo number 4

Beautiful tattoos in Cyberpunk 2077 game

V is a cyborg with very few opponents and achieves success the way Johnny has failed. The UPC label on the forehead is especially popular in the Night City of 2077.

4. Tattoo number 2

Face tattoos

3. Tattoo number 5

Tattoo number 5

2. Tattoo number 7

Tattoo number 7

1. Tattoo number 11

Tattoo number 11

Here is a ranking of tattoos in Cyberpunk 2077 on The Gamer. What do you think about them and which tattoo do you like best?

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